A Thousand Suns Play


Well for a while now I’ve been thinking how good it would be to write a script for a play based on the ‘A Thousand Suns’ music. It just fits so well - the way the songs connect with each other, the quotes, the meanings etc. Anyone else thought similar? Anyone have any ideas or interested in helping me out?


Cool idea. I’ve got a crazy idea of how it could work…

All of it is set in a parallel universe, where it’s 1945 and World War II has just ended with the use of the first nuclear bomb. The plot takes place over several years - but things go a bit differently…

  1. The Requiem/The Radiance/Burning In The Skies - A man involved in making the nuclear bomb sees a news story about its detonation. He feels guilty because of his part in making the bomb, and as a result his guilt distances him from his wife/girlfriend/lover.

  2. Empty Spaces/When They Come For Me - To be honest I don’t know how this song could fit with my idea of a story.

  3. Robot Boy - The man begins to feel as if no-one understands the way he feels about the bomb, and as a result he begins to lose touch with the world - not fighting because no-one will fight for him, etc.

  4. Waiting For The End - The man attempts to get a grip on himself. Having split up with his girlfriend/wife/lover, he tries to start again with another woman but…

  5. Blackout - …she turns out to be a liar, and breaks his trust in her, and this hurts the man deeply. However, a group of people meet him. They know of his involvement in the nuclear bomb, and ask who else was involved and where they live, and where the factory that it was made in is. The man’s guilt about his involvement resurfaces, and he willingly tells them everything, and they use his information…

  6. Wretches And Kings - …to organise a huge riot at the facility where the bomb was created, and attacks on the people involved, their homes and their families, to send a message against nuclear war - “Here us now, clear and true, wretches and kings we come for you!”

  7. Wisdom, Justice And Love/Fallout/The Catalyst/The Messenger - The man sees two news stories - one about the protestors’ actions, and another with Martin Luther King’s speech about the war in Vietnam (WJAL). The man equates the things King talks about in his speech to the action of the protestors, and suddenly feels guilty for supplying them with the information they wanted. He feels so much pain and sadness, that he wants to let it go (Iridescent). He decides to commit suicide by jumping off a tall building, and as he is about to complete this course of action he wonders if heaven and hell exist, and if he will go to hell for his sins (Catalyst). However, just as he is about to jump, a stranger comes and asks why he is doing this. The man explains his plight, and how he feels his spirit is breaking. However, the stranger attempts to reassure him of the good things in life - love, friendship and loyalty - “When life leaves us blind, love keeps us kind.” The man is finally convinced not to commit suicide, and rekindles his relationship with his former wife/girlfriend/lover (The Messenger).

A bit rubbish, but I kind of thought it up as I was typing.


That could definitely work - I’d been thinking something along those lines. Great idea…


I guess if we went with that idea, Empty Spaces and When They Come For Me could go back to the horror or the war/nuclear explosion - WTCFM is fast moving and blunt so theoretically could fit that idea.


It’s a pretty cool idea, I just donno about the new lover thing, that character doesn’t seem to had add anything to plot line (sorry I studied script writing). Maybe if she is actually connected to maybe one of the families his bomb killed and she went looking for him for revenge but, I donno, falls in love with him and realises she can’t get the revenger she planned on, so instead she tells that group of people (who organise the riot) where to find him and that’s how they make contact with him. Every character needs to be relevant to the plot first and the music second, that will make sure the whole work is filled with the same power that all LP music has. And instead of a random stranger stopping his suicide, the woman who wanted revenger catches up to him just time and tell him she has forgiven him, she has seen too much pain and suffering and it is time for it all to end and no one else must die. She asks him to ‘let it go’ in a different way, to let it go and move towards something better. Ask yourself what do your characters truely want, what drives them forward through the plot.

I’m actually working on some dance work to a few LP songs that inspire me. I’m gonna film the work, put it on youtube and post the link up on LPU when it’s finally all done.


Number 2…When They Come for Me… maybe that can be based on the bomb going off. Government looking for him because he played a part in making it…just a thought!


making ats into a movie like, ha! i am not the only one who was thinking thisbutiwasthinkingaboutthislikealmostthreeyearsagobutnowiwouldntknowhowtohelpyou

you get all of that? :3


I think it’s different every time I hear it.

I like to think from the point of young protagonist.

  1. Requiem/the radiance, the god save us every one part is the spirits of those who lost there lives in ww2 during the bombs and then Oppenheimer says his part about man becoming god.

In the near future.
2. Burning in the skies is for me the end of the protagonists life and he is saying he’s losing what he doesn’t deserve (explain the rest later)

  1. Empty spaces/when they come for me.
    The beginning of the protagonists story, the soldiers move in and start to take people to camps etc while our hero escapes.

4.robotboy, I see this is as him feeling sorry for himself and realises that it’s his pain that will give him strength to stop what’s happening. It’s not in song but I would say he starts a rebellion at this point.

5.jornada del muerto. Is again the voices of the dead saying this isn’t the way, we have already lost so much etc.

  1. Waiting for the end/blackout. The government/bad guys stomp down on this rebellion and maybe kill some in a battle. it makes the rebellion and protagonist want even more revenge and the “come down” section is those who lost there lives in this battle with a new realisation of whats important.

  2. Wretch’s and kings. The rebellion has grown stronger and with the machines speech reach to many people and the government/bad guys only have one way to stop the movement.

  3. During a speeh about keeping the piece in wisdom justice and love, it gets interference from the bomb on its way.

  4. Iridescent. The bombs are coming with no where to run people need to accept there mistakes and let go.

  5. Burning in the skies/fallout. As I said before on track 3 he is dying and what you have heard to this point is his life flashing before his eyes, and then the in fallout the robot (emotionless) person he has become voice turns human again realising his error and accepting it and then letting go, before his death.

  6. The human race stands united in these tragic times and trys to fix themselves asking God for help realising they are not gods and will make mistakes but they need to do that to be human, to be “lifted up” when they make a mistake and to be “let go” in forgiveness.

  7. Our protagonist returns with a closing message.

This is how I like to see it but there’s different meanings in every song. But I hope this helps.

Truly my favourite album of all time, keep me posted on proggres with it, im actually trying to do a comic based on the message of the album but I need to learn how to draw lol