A Word From a Fan


It’s been over a week, and it all still does not seem real. We have all lost something important. I feel like this is something we can all learn from.

I’ve known Linkin Park’s music for years now. Growing up, I’d hear the latest “Transformers song” on the radio, as well as a few other hits, but I never paid much attention. That all changed when I first heard Burn It Down. Every day, I’d hope it would come on the radio. Becoming obsessed with the song, I asked for Living Things as an early birthday present that summer. That album has changed my whole life. It is the album that lead me to discover my favorite band, let alone open me up to the whole world of music. From that point on, I would always be an LP Soldier, no matter what had happened.

Hearing the news of Chester’s passing absolutely crushed me. I’ve admired LP as a whole for their skill and contribution to music. Every memory for the past few years now, Linkin Park has had some significance to. Never had I imagined I would lose one of my idols so soon in my lifetime.

As a fan, as an LP Soldier, I offer my love and support to Chester and his family, as well as the rest of Linkin Park, and this entire community. Nobody is alone, we are all feeling this pain together. More importantly, I’m stating that we can all stand with one another and keep him in our hearts forever.