A world with out Chesterđź’”


I am just super sad right now! With all of the shits happening to me right now plus my childhood hero is already up there rocking in heaven for two months plus. I miss you Chester! :broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:


Whatever happened to u please don’t let it ge to you. And i know u miss chester . I missing hem so much too. He was everything to me. He an angel looking down on us smile on his face making sure we are being storng. Lp family


We all do miss him… thank you @hilaryfol sml :sparkling_heart:


I know you miss him, we all do, so much! :heart:
But he’ll always be here in the music and everywhere you’ll go, he’s never really gone :heart:


You should remember Chester is watchig over you. Don’t make him feel sad, be strong to go though this! We all do believe in you! Much love!


U are so welcome. Remember that chester is looking over al of us . Even if we meet hem or not he know we love hem forever


You are not alone in this feelings. And about the other things that are hapening in your life, I really hope they will get better. Sometimes solutions aren’t so simple, but the LP family is here to keep you from turning away :slight_smile::heart:


You are definitely not alone!
We miss you Chester :heart: