About Bring Me The Horizon


For me BMTH’s “Sempiternal” and “That’s The Spirit” albuns sounds a lot like LP’s old stuff like Somewhere I Belong and From The Inside, but it’s actually similar to The Hunting Party. I Like BMTH a lot, it’s one of the best bands nowadays. What You guys think about them? Which of their song do you like?


I like ‘happy song’ and ‘can you feel my heart’ and ‘throne’–where I heard from a tv show I watch. My favorite song has to be ‘can you feel my heart’. It’s amazing how they sound.


And Oliver from BMTH actually likes LP


I seen him swearing a shirt and I know a few years a go they were on tour with LP, couldn’t get into their other songs. Too screamy


Sempiternal is pretty good. That’s The Spirit is good enough if you don’t think that this is the same band which did Sempiternal in the past. The rest is… Too weak to listen

So many much better bands out there


some nice songs here and there, but overall nothing really outstanding I think


I really like Bmth, but to me their “new” music doesn’t sound like Linkin Park music at all. My family (no bmth fans) said, that they would sound like Lp…
Anway, my favorite bmth song is ‘Follow You’ at the moment.