About Meet&Greet


I’m new here,and I don’t know how it works .How to get a M&G opportunity?


I hope this link will help.)


you have to sign up for them! Go to lpunderground.com/contests.


General is in three weeks before the performance,right?


is that very difficult?


To sign up for a M&G? Are you a member of LPU? If you are, then it’s very easy. Just go to lpunderground.com/contests, choose the date of the concert you are hoping to get your Meet and Greet opportunity and press the “sign up for this” button. (just bare in mind that if you will be selected then you have to have a valid LPU membership at the time of M&G and have a ticket to a concert as well).


Hi, I’m a new member of the LPU and I have a question about the meet and greet…I read somewhere that they usually pick 100 people from the lotery, is that true? Even when they do festivals? And what if for example there are less than 100 people (or even less than 50 for example) that signed up for the meet and greet lotery, does that mean that everyone that signed up will get the meet and greet? :slight_smile: Thank you for your answers :slight_smile:


I think it’s not 100% sure they pick 100 people, even if there are more than 100 people entered the lottery. Usually, they do meet & greets in festivals as well, you can check all details and open contests here: http://linkinpark.com/contests :slight_smile:


I just reed in the rules :
"If I am selected, can I bring somebody with me to the Meet & Greet?
No. Meet & Greets are only for those people selected. The ONLY exception we make is if a child is selected (13 years and under) and they need a parent to go with, OR if you have a disability requiring special assistance."
This rule is always right ??? I have my boy of 11 years.

I would like to also buy the “meet and greet” to go with my son but do not sell it here in europe.!!


The number of people chosen depends on the show / venue. They usually select 30-75 people (more often than not, around 60-75)


The amount of people attending the m&gs vary. It’s different at every show, depends on how much space there is backstage and time they have before they go on stage (cause m&gs happen during the set of the support act) so it can be 40 people or 70 people… it’s usually between 45-90 people.
To answer your question @Meta_Pavlin, no. It is not guarranteed that if, let’s say only 20 people sign up for a m&g that all 20 of them will attend. You’d think everyone would go but no, someone will be left out, either by mistake or on purpose.

@Fraoncy2003 If you are going with another adult or someone who can watch your son for you while you are at the m&g they won’t let you have your son at the m&g but if you two are going alone, you should contact LPUHQ and let them know so they can tell you what to do. They’ll probably let your son in with you but you might have to provide some info for them so he’s accounted for.


Thank you so much to all of you for the response :slight_smile:


Hey. You can go with your son i Guess. But you can ask Lorenzo (lpu) via twitter @lorenzoerr. You can order the meet&greet packages to EU shows (not Festivals), i ordered one to Poland.


hope that I can get a M&G opportunity in Beijing this summer(ง •̀_•́)ง


I write to Lorenzo on Twitter he didin’t response me … i will see my self … Thanks…


@Fraoncy2003 email them. But they’ll probably tell you to wait till the confirmation emails of your show will be sent out in order for them to see if you were selected and then see what can be done.


You can send email to Lorenzo or Lulu : lpuhq@lpunderground.com hope they will reply you soon :wink:


I have another question…What do you have to bring to the M&G except some ID and your receipt for the membership confirmation?


Hey! You just need your ID and print the e-mail. :slight_smile:


Great, thanks!! :slight_smile: