About the Pre-sale


just signed up for LP fans club and I can’t find the pre-sale ticket on the dashboard of my account! How can I get it??Thank you so much


You need to have a paid account for the LPU presale code. If you have just signed up to the forums then you won’t have it.


Your profile says that you aren’t currently an active member. Like @AJ_7 said, if you made a free account, that will not work, if you indeed did pay for an account, check your email for a code to redeem the membership. If you need help redeeming it, let us know here, but if you didn’t recieve a code and believe you should have, contact LPU support at LPUHQ@LPUNDERGROUND.COM

When you have your membership active, the pre-sale codes will be below your profile picture at https://linkinpark.com/me (make sure you are logged in to your account when visiting that link, otherwise you will be redirected to the homepage)