Acapella Burn It Down


If you know where i can get this acapella or multitrack
please, write me

i need it for my remix on this song

hann with gun


Need also the instrumental?


no, thanks




I’d be interested in getting it too :slight_smile:


There won’t be any unless: a) LP will run a remix contest b) BID will be featured in a guitar/band hero like game as DLC, so people will extract the tracks from game files.


Well no, there’s a way using software like Audacity and things like this…


Uhm sure, but It’s not even close by quality to ‘official’ ones :slight_smile:


Mike, Chester))))
we need your help)))






You have an email dude :wink:


Chack this link:

It might be what you’re looking for!


Thanks guys, wait for my remix, it would be cool - like old-style Linkin Park)