Accident before Cape Town show


I heard on the news that an accident happened this afternoon, before the show in Cape Town, tonight.

It was said that some scaffholdings broke and one of the beams of the stage fell down. Some people got injured (fans? staff members? sound guys?) but fortunately, it was before the show so none of the band members are injured but I still worrying for the fans!

Was someone there, at the show and ready to enlight me?



[i]’'Following our performance tonight at Cape Town Stadium, we were advised that several people were injured as a result of the collapse of an advertising tower erected by Lucozade in the parking area outside the venue.

We wish to express our deep sadness and concern for those injured and our heartfelt condolences to the family of the fan who died as a result of her injuries.

Though we have had no relationship with the sponsor or the entity responsible for erecting the structure, we take the safety of our fans very seriously and our thoughts are with all of those who were affected by this tragedy.’’[/i]




That’s so sad :c

Somebody knows what’s his/her name?


[quote=Leonardo Mazzarella]SOMEONE DIED???
In accord with the note, someone has died as result of her injuries : /
poor girl. bad lucky. You’re is going for the show of your favorite band, and an outdoor falls down in you. : /


Oh, how wrong was I in my opinion about Lucozade…


That’s so sad, personally going to see LP is one of the best expirences of my life, such a shame the girl lost her life before she could see the show, may she RIP, thoughts & prayers with family & friends and i hope the others injured recover soon.


Im only shocked. This is a tragedy. I dont know what I should say. My heartfelt condolences to the family and friends.
RiP :’(


I posted a blog about it here, to remember the fan

And a tweet, if you want to RT and help out

I didn’t know the girl, but what happened still breaks my heart and I had to say something about it.


It’s so sad to hear about such tragedy!
All the fans were there having their dreams coming true and then this happens.
But I know that not only the band but all the soldiers in the house are praying for the girl’s family.


My deepest condolences to the family of a LP fan. RIP soldier:(


I know it’s nothing compared to it, but at the first Rio concert a girl at the barricade started to faint. When the security guys start to get her out, she sober up and started to scream that she was in the line for 16 hours, she couldn’t leave that place. We grab her and put her down again and then I stared to scream for water and something salty. Everyone around her starte to help by throwing some water on her neck and finding some peanuts for her to eat.

When some people started to look at me I just said ‘we’re a family and have to look for our own. we have to help’.

RIP, dear Soldier, dear sister. I’ll pray that you and your family will find some confort in the end.


This’s so sad, guise.


I’m sure this wasn’t how Linkin Park planned on spending their first ever trip to South Africa, but anyway…

Rest in peace, my condolences to her family and friends and anyone else that was involved.


The South African Press released an official statement about the incident.

Yesterday, before the concert it was tweeted that the ‘scaffold banner had fell due to gale force winds’, this was 5 hrs before the concert. This morning everyone tweets: “Fan dies during a Linkin Park concert”.

LP released a statement and sent their condolences:)
Ppl will always say: “Ppl were injured during the concert and 1 person died” and they will ignore the fact that it didn’t happen during the concert.

RIP LP fan, you’ll be missed:(

Looking forward to the Jo’burg concert!!!


My thoughts and prayers are with the family of the girl that passed away…

Whoever thought that a promotions tower with 20 people on it in the notoriously windy city of Cape Town should be held accountable!

Looking forward to the concert in Johnannesburg! May it all go well with no incident!


RIP dear Linkin Park fan. My prayers are with you.


Condolences to all family members & friends who were involved in the accident.


Rest in peace dear Soldier!!! I´ll pray for God to receive you with open arms. Just like Buh said, we’re a family, and such a loss afeccts us all.
Its a terrible tragedy, have no words to describe my feelings… Hope all the injured get well soon…


RIP, condolences to the family. Here I give soldiers the info I got on a page

[i][b]Cape Town - A woman has died at the Cape Town leg of a worldwide tour by the US rock band Linkin Park.

The woman, whom authorities have yet to identify, was caught under a banner advert for Lucozade, when gale force winds caused the structure to collapse.

Twenty people in total where injured, some sustaining bone fractures, according to officials who were at the scene.

After the concert, Linkin Park released a statement expressing their condolences to the family of the deceased and the fans who had been hurt.

Spokeswoman Kymm Britton said in a statement: “Though we have had no relationship with the sponsor or the entity responsible for erecting the structure, we take the safety of our fans very seriously and our thoughts are with all of those who were affected by this tragedy.”

Big Concerts, one of the organisers who brought Linkin Park to South Africa for the group’s Living Things world tour, also released a statement expressing their sympathies for the victims.
Dionne Domyan, spokeswoman for the promoter said: “We would like to thank the City of Cape Town, the South African Police Services, and all the medics, doctors, and disaster risk personnel for their swift and professional response to this accident.”

Meanwhile, on Big Concerts’ official Facebook page where the statement regarding the structure collapse also appeared, fans reacted emotionally, some calling for legal action by the family of the fan who died against the company responsible for erecting the advertising structure despite warnings of gale force winds.

A comment by Jason Ross NaIdoo read: “They should [have] looked at a weather report and reassessed if the structure was really necessary and most of all safe to have around! I think the family of the deceased should board this run away train class action law suit straight into who ever is responsible for passing that advertising tower… “

Another fan commenting on the same post criticised Linkin Park for allegedly not making reference to the incident during their performance. Larry Shane September wrote: “I think its pretty pathetic that no one had the decency to at least make an announcement during the show. I’m not impressed big concerts. This is such a tragedy on a really great concert and band. Please do right by the family of the deceased.”

Big Concerts did not immediately respond to an e-mail from IOL asking if an investigation would be conducted.

Linkin Park’s sold-out Johannesburg concert would continue on Saturday, the band confirmed. - IOL

Update 06:45: Big Concerts spokeswoman Dionne Domyan has confirmed to IOL that structural engineers had “pre-approved and certified safe” the advertising tower prior to its collapse.[/b][/i]


I’ve just heard the news and I’m really shocked =[ Rest In Peace soldier xoxoxoxox and hope all the injured get better soon and to all the other people Be safe ! ~hugz~