Account problems


I ordered the LPU17 Deluxe bundle and it was already delivered but when I go to my LPU profile “manage account” the site still displays that I just have a “ Account”. so I cant buy any stuff in the lpu store or claim any services of a deluxe account although I paid for it. What can I do to fix this?


I think it’s best to ask HQ, they will help you fix this:


Ah check your emails for one that says welcome to lpu, it will have an access code in the email, you have to go into the lpu site, purchase a membership for $10 and start checking out, when it tells you if you want to use a promo code you put the code that was in the email and it will bring the price to $0
It’s weird but it’s how that part of it works
Hope it goes well!


Hey guys, does anybody else has the problems with membership renewals?
I bought LPU 17 deluxe bundle + membership in November, got the package, but I keep getting e-mails, that my membership will expire on March 8th…Strange, it should’ve renewed to new date.

P.S. Yes, I did write to support, LPUHQ and Lorenzo himself. Still no answer.


It might again be the same thing as my last post right above you, I’m only guessing but worth a check I suppose
I don’t think it kicks in automatically if it’s from a purchase
Again just a guess here…


Had the same issue- had to sent the bill from the bundle to the hq with the order-number- then they found it back and my memebership was extended…


My new group is greyed out. ???


Can someone help me please? My acct isnt working properly. I posted a topic that you guys deleted too. Not sure what is going on. Please help. Thank you.


Maybe our mods can help? @derek @jFar920


Yep. All good. Thanks