Ace Masters Unfinished Works


I am gonna have a topic of post of my unfinished works

Some, will never be finished
Others, I might finish

Either way here is one I did:

Stop to observe those around you and tell me your life is bad
Those with smiling faces hiding the fact that they’re sad
Living for the day not knowing what the next one brings
Suffering from so many different things
Sometimes i’m thankful, sometimes i feel bad
That i take for granted what some people never had
So let’s think twice before we all complain
That someone out there wished they could have what we got, even just for a day
Surrounding People (working title) - Ace Masters

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The Band


Is It So Wrong

Is it wrong to let go, to just release what you feel.
Is it wrong to tell someone what you really think.
Not to be afraid to ask for help, let them know you’re going through hell
Is it wrong to be right, and tell someone their wrong
Is it wrong to believe something that isn’t real
Not really caring what others think, but still taking it on board.

Is it so wrong to feel so good about yourself
Is it so wrong to know what you want in life
Is it so wrong to believe you can be anythingl
Is it so wrong to take the help that people give

The Band



Uprising - yeah- great words - powerful, true and fearless- great fitting with my personal feel atm, thaaaaanx @acemasters

Ot: as far as I remember you are from the uk, right? How far from London are you located, Ace?


I live IN london haha


@acemasters Heeeeya- you join the memorial then?? !! :tada: @rorymcgarrett ihas organised it… ? We are already 5 of us, @evooba @the_termin8r, @AJ_7 and me for sure joining the memorial on 19th… and @rickvanmeijel considers to join in too- it would just be AWESOMST if you could make it :grinning:


Weird you say that me and @AJ_7 was just talking about this haha


@acemasters you already know my thoughts! We would love to have you join!


Guys !!! Enjoying sooo much,lol. I wish I could come… :frowning: Well, have a good time together :smile: … Good luck!! :smile:

@acemasters your creations are really great as always! :wink:


We can’t remember the good, if we forget the bad
We don’t know happiness, until we’ve felt sad
We won’t have a future, before we imbrace the past
We can’t have the answers, when we got questions to ask
We Can’t Have It Until - Ace Masters

The Band



Gr8 as always !


this not weird Ace, @acemasters, this flow…



You’re going to have to compile and publish a book with all you’ve written pretty soon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I thought about this
But who would want to pay to read my sh*t lol


You never know until you try it!


Real sht is already out there published you know,
Heck my prez over here in the states proves crazier sh
t has happened lmao


Wait what?! Planning publishing a book?


I have only wrote 1 full song (Empty Hole) since Chesters passing :pensive::pensive::pensive:


Its perfectly fine… You are soon gonna be back to normal…that ace will again say “I have many songs in archives and 4 working!!”'
I didn’t write a single ballad…
Its k
I am currently working on a nice sketch actually…
Will be posting this weekend…


Who is going to the Picnic in the park in london?

I didn’t relize it was being held on a Saturday

I will be at work :frowning: which means i wont be making it :frowning:

Its yet another gathering I have or going to miss :frowning:


From here it’s @rorymcgarrett , @AJ_7 , @evooba , @theearlywalker and myself with a bunch of others from fb.