Adam is leaving us and we all vote for Natasha Lopez de Arenosa as our new LPU dudette


ok lets vote if we can for our new LPU leader of the fanatic soliders and these are big shoes to fill, but the committed one with LPU wings to soar is our loyal tash x
lets vote and tell Adam


She’s got my vote !


Vote for Natasha? I don’t understand…


I’m fairly sure they would have found someone already to fill Adam’s position. No need to vote or fan-elect someone.


I don’t even think I know who that is


I nominate myself. Just kidding.


I would love to take the place of Adam for being so close to Linkin Park… But i may not be eligible to do so… haha


sorry to all i didnt mean this as a negative thing for tash more very very positive , and didnt realise it was considered spam :frowning: it was not tash s idea but i still stand by the fact it should be her.
adam has posted his own post about leaving and if you are fanatics like us would of seen it x so go look for it and all stay happy, chill and positive as it s the LPU way and spirit .
sorry for the peeps whom didnt know or understand i cannot do much about it… 'adam is leaving to ass ist the band at a higher level as he done the hard yarn so lets all be super happy for him x
hugs and LPU wings


Who said anything? I don’t see it as spam… [rolleyes] To me this is just some community fun between fans.

Some people obviously take this band a little way too seriously.


Lol, now I see…you posted this in every forum.

Don’t do that again. I deleted all of them by the way. This one is safe.


I vote for Derek.


I second gloomy mushroom’s vote for derek. derek’s a true oldschooler who pretty much knows this community inside & out. if someone is going to fill adam’s shoes, they have to have a strong idea of who we are and what we do. derek’s been around the longest, so he deserves it.