Additional #OneMoreLight Tour dates


Does anyone know if they will be adding more dates to this Tour? Or, if there will be a 2nd #OneMoreLight Tour? As a long time LINKIN PARK fan, I’m devastated that there isn’t a date scheduled in SALT LAKE CITY! They haven’t performed here since 2011, for the A Thousand Suns Tour. Salt Lake City was originally in the drop down list to choose from when registering for the presale, & now it’s not listed. Also, a local Ticket company said that they heard about a possible date in October, but the tour was rerouted… Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to make a road trip. I really hope that LINKIN PARK add some more dates to this Tour!!!


I also hope they announce more dates, because they haven’t announced a tour in my country yet, which is Australia.


Yeah they haven’t been here since 2013 sidewave :frowning: Hopefully they’ll announce it soon


More dates for China would be a life saver.
Is there anywhere that lists “possible” tour dates?


I live in New Mexico, I hope they come here again to I can get my and great tickets. They had to cancel last time! I almost died! I bought tickets in Denver, Co to make sure I at least get to see them in August!!