Advice for future LPU Chats!- Corrective post


Since someone decided to be a pain about it I’m posting this here too. Sorry about the repetition, and for not posting this in the appropriate forum.

Hello Everyone,

The chat with Chester was really cool. BUT, we have to do something about that flood craziness that was going on. I believe there should be a systematic way to handle this problem.

  • I think that the Band and LPU VIP’s, should start picking a few random names from the chat room attendee list. That way, we all have a fair chance to have our questions, comments, and requests replied to. If you don’t get picked, don’t be a baby about it. It’s not worth it. We all have the same odds of being picked. Better luck next time. :slight_smile:

  • (Despite what I say, this problem won’t clear up anytime soon ) Please stop flooding the chat! I found it almost blinding to look at the chat earlier, and I pretty sure our Special Guests probably feel the same way. It’s very overwhelming. At one point during the chat I estimated a little less than 200 questions, comments, and requests being posted per second. Honestly, who wouldn’t be overwhelmed?

  • We should be for the most part quiet when whosoever is speaking. It’s just the respectful thing to do. I think the only time the chat should be flooded is when greetings and farewells take place at the beginning and end of the chat.

This is a quick, easy, logical, and fair solution.
Love, Rose
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