Album Art + Perks: A Thousand Suns vs. LIVING THINGS


I was superstocked about LIVING THINGS to come out, but there’s really one thing keeps bugging me after release. Or a few. It’s not about music, but about artwork & etc.

I think that LT artwork is really weak, compared to ATS. There’s just random cinema 4d whatever distorted renders on album/singles artwork. Yes, it’s a band members 3d scans, but half of the people won’t even notice. But if its not even about being noticed, the other stuff in booklet looking just random & booring.

The art for ATS which been done by SPACEKNUCKLE, & the whole uhm lets call it ‘atmosphere’ were just amazing. Like, every lyric of the song was made into art masterpiece.

And where’s the super fan pack? Or just deluxe pack? The new t-shirtslooks boring, again, compare to 2010-11 ATS product range.

Here. Thoughts?


In my honest opinion, I think Linkin Park created this album too fast. In an interview, Chester said they did this album in no time and was one of the easiest albums to make.

In an other interview, Someone (can’t remember who) they said they created this album so they can have more exciting music to play on tour.

1+1 = 2

So, basically, they rushed through this batch of music to recreate fun for themselves and fans on stage.


The lack of some “Special Edition” is disappointing for me as well. But the rest… I believe it’s just a matter of taste. A Thousand Suns artwork was certainly well prepared and every page, every pixel had it’s meaning, but there’s something appealing about simplistic artwork of Living Things. Somehow, it’s more down to earth, at least that’s how I feel about it.


LP’s album art hasn’t been exciting since before M2M. I think it died with that album.


I agree in that the artwork/album in general did seem a bit rushed. But everyone also was complaining that they always take to long to make an album.


Agreed. After MTM, album artworks are going downhill. And LT is a new low for the art. Although there were considerable amount of artwork in ATS but with awful DVD, it spoiled the fun.But at least there was a deluxe edition available.


[quote=Derek]LP’s album art hasn’t been exciting since before M2M. I think it died with that album.

Damn… I dig the Living Things artwork. Not a fan of MTM or what they were thinking when they did ATS.


I’m currently researching tattoo artists to do the ATS art pieces on my back – DEFINITELY loved the ATS work. I like the cover of LT, but the rest; I looked at once and that’s that.

As for the special editions, I was disappointed. I got every single version possible of ATS, and was willing to the same for LT because these two albums have touched my core like no other- but nothing! I have an empty vinyl frame on my wall, waiting. I hope they don’t skip LT specials… :\


to me the burn it down single cover reminded me of ironman. Lol!!
But in all honesty, I think Linkin Park should’ve held some sort of competition for fans to submit artwork for the album. Not that Mike is bad, but like others have stated, they’ve(the band) rushed through the album making process and keep planning to release something or the other within 18 months.


I think the ATS Art is the best of all the other albums!

It’s incredible.


i think the album art of all albums is fine
i’d also think the art of ATS is better than living things
the art of LT aint bad though
its just ‘‘special’’


imo the MTM artwork is the weakest… and ATS the best they ever had - not only for the album booklet/cover but also the shirts/tour posters every piece connected to ATS matched the overall feeling of the album…
also I think the artwork style changed since HT/Meteora cause the guys matured in the 10 years…


I like the artwork of Living Things a lot. It has a meaning for me and it also just looks cool. But what I noticed is, that the implementation, so the print is not managed so well. The picture is a bit too dark and somewhat low in contrast. The colours doesn’t appear such intensive, as they should.


I really liked the LT album art… Although if you check the LPTV video you will see that they selected it in a rush…

Still love it though… and also its inline with the theme of the album… : ) Which I love! :smiley:


i think the album artwork is better than the one of ATS, despite that it’s not the best :S
and i think the music videos become worse. In Burn It Down is just shown the band performing the song with some special effects
what is with a story?! like in From the Inside or Numb, there you could see a story behind the lyrics and it had a deep meaning :S