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I am the founder of LP Light Soldiers. It started out as an experiment for a book and inspired by fan’s reactions to Linkin’s Park’s single “Heavy.” It has had it’s ups and downs, yet got recognized by the band. It was only supposed to be a hobby, but I noticed it had great potential and when I really put my mind to it, turned into a successful fan page. Last night I decided to make it a professional fan page. Most of our new admins are also LPU members, so I decided to dedicate this forum as a start hub for some fun discussions and posts. Starting with this one.
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Performance today for @linkinpark at the BRÅVALLA FESTIVAL 2017 in NORRKÖPING, SWEDEN. We will cover as much as we can through here, Facebook, and our Twitter pages. For information please visit

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For someone that got blocked by the band, how can you still keep on going? I mean, if I were you, I would have gotten the message to stay away.


@evooba I didn’t do anything wrong with them and they didn’t block me totally out. It’s a big misunderstanding that too many people really got involved in. That is partly my fault. I was very emotional and confused. None of them blocked me from Instagram. Just because it’s rough now, doesn’t mean it’s going to be like this forever. They are still my favorite band and Chester is still my favorite singer. There is nothing wrong with supporting them after an incident. It proves your dedication and devotion. Nobody knows the future. I could earn what I had with them back one day.


Sharing some thing I collected from last night’s show and stuff.
Made this one

Nice line up

Did anyone make the Facebook chat with Mike? I know they were having some technical issues and Machine Gun Kelly couldn’t make it.