Am I the only one anxious over Post Traumatic?


First things first. Please don’t attack me.
Please also don’t tell me ‘Mike has a right to do whatever helps him-’ I know that.
I’m supportive of that. In no way do I have an issue with that, and that’s not related to what I’m going to say.

That said; am I the only one anxious over the release of Post Traumatic? Just knowing we’re going to get submerged in the nitty-gritty and I’m not sure I want to be reminded of stuff that’s messed me up- far and beyond just LP or CB things, honestly- or associate it with Mike’s voice. (I’ve heard the first three songs he put out there. Over again had me effed up, you never know how much of you is derived from another person until you’re just having a normal conversation with a sibling or long time friend you go to say, ‘Twinsies’ or ‘How’s it feel?! To be the guy?!’ or ‘Will you be there?’ or countless other references. And they aren’t even LP fans, but they knew those people through me, through the impact they had on my personality. For a while, every time someone would accidentally reference something, they’d stop halfway through and look uncomfortable. I started to finish the quotes, and smile and laugh, even when it was hard. I want those memories to stay good things, because they are.)
I’m going to spill (well, some of) my guts here. I know we have to face the hardest parts of difficult times in order to get through them. I think, often times, if you turn away, you can’t get better.
And I love Mike. I have always admired him, his work, his art, everything. I want to show him support on this. I think him releasing PT is a brilliant, not to mention incredibly courageous, idea. Not only is he going to work through his conflicts and issues, but I know that’s going to help countless others, too.
I’m just not sure when- or if- I’ll be able to listen to PT.
Because honestly, I know what that feeling is. I’m not sure the journey through the album would help with everything I’ve seen, or if it would add to the burden.
I don’t know. Part of me wants to listen; maybe it’d help. Music has helped and touched me in so many ways that nothing else ever could. Then again, there has been some music that has made it much, much worse. For now, I’m choosing to abstain. I think if I’m meant to listen, something will tell me so. We’ll see.
I guess I don’t really need any replies to this, it’s just been swimming around in my head and I needed someplace to put it.


It’s normal to feel the way you do, and I know exactly what you mean. The first time I heard the three songs Mike put out, it messed me up too. And I know exactly what you mean by people who don’t really know them, making those references to me and stopping halfway trying to salvage the moment. I have to admit, I am a bit nervous too, for the same reasons as you, but I am just as excited as well.

You probably heard this a million times before, but I will say it again: Everyone grieves differently. Don’t push yourself to listen to it if you are not ready. you could always support him by sending him messages of support on social media. At the end of the day, you need to find your own way, and when or if you will be ready, you will know it when the time will come.

I think the one thing we learnt from this whole thing, is never be afraid of how you feel. Don’t ever think that we will attack you, because everyone is entitled to their opinions!


Why does every new person think this is a gaming forum or youtube? That’s not how it works here.


Why did I think I would be attacked on the internet for providing a potentially different viewpoint?
I’ve been part of a lot of different fan and band fanbase forums and groups before. Even in person, honestly, there are always rabid people who won’t read three sentences before they’re ready to launch themselves. They might be a minority, but they are a loud minority. Not to mention my personal life, where I have lived years, unfortunately, around people who grind down others when they ‘speak out of turn.’

It’s my life experience, which since I’m guessing you might have read the whole post, you know hasn’t been exactly up to par. If I’m waiting for knives to come out, it might be because that’s what’s always happened. So far the experience here has been good, but this is a touchy subject (in my opinion, at least) and in my experience there has been no such thing as a safe place.

I apologize if I offended you. If you want a person to feel differently about this kind of thing, though, perhaps don’t point it out on such a sensitive post?


I wish I could feel as if I’ve learned anything from this… Well, the other impact of suicide. These days they steer away the conversation from what happens to everyone you leave behind, but this was an eye opener. Made it real.
Yeah I don’t know when I’ll be ready for the music. That said, I really appreciate how active Mike is on social media. I love watching his instagram stories. There’s that connection that I think some people undervalue.
And it makes you feel like you’re not doing this alone, you know? Which I know I’m not. It was pretty cool reading what Mike felt about reaching out to fans, etc, in the Kerrang article… I’ve been a part of a lot of band communities and I’ve never seen one where the artist gives so much thought to the fan.


Point taken, it’s worth saying though, we’re not like that here.


First of all: welcome to the forums
Second: we are tolerant
Third: we share love and support instead of hate and fights

Everyone has the right to have their own opinion- worst case is that we agree to differ

Only thing we don’t really like is trolling- but even this we can forgive and laugh about it together. This is the lpu and not any fanbase- and we are proud to share the values of the band- we don‘t only like their music- the guys are rolemodel for us… and their spirit is ours- so feel free and let it go- welcome to the family soldier!


Welcome to the LPU! :tada:

Regarding your topic, I have nothing more to add. I completely agree with what’s been said already. We won’t judge you on your opinions or feelings. Feel free to express yourself at all times!


I understand how you are feeling. I listened to the first three songs when they came out, but haven’t listened to them since. Not because I don’t like them, I think they are brilliant. Maybe because it was like daggers in my soul. Maybe because it made Mike’s pain too real. That not only are we grieving for Chester, but for Mike as well. Not sure if that makes sense, but yeah…


I think there is no “right or wrong” way to feel, or actually I think the “right way” is whatever you feel is best for you. If you feel it’s still hard for you to listen to the songs, it doesnt make you a lesser of a fan if you stay away. It’s a tough situation for all and everone has a different way of dealing with their pain and have a different pace in their grieving. If you feel youre not ready yet, it’s okay. It’s totally allowed. Give yourself all the time you need and dont beat yourself up about it. It’s TOTALLY okay… And everyone else should allow others to take their time too. If you one day feel like giving it a try and having a listen and feel youre ready, you can give it a try. And if you feel like you can’t do it after all, then stop as sooon as you feel it’s too much. And again, keep in mind that it is totally okay. The only way to know how you feel and what is right for YOU is to listen to your own self and examine how you feel. Again, there is no wrong or right way. LIfe is a great big “experiment” for us all. All we can do is take things day by day, moment by moment and see it from there. Give yourself time and maybe one day the excitement of hearing new music and going to shows and sharing those moments with other fans will once again get you excited. Just listen to your own feelings and do what you feel is right! :hugs: