Amazing Aggregators 2.0


Last night I along with several friends attended the Radio 104.5 Birthday Show that Mike was apart of. He went pretty hard into that set! Two Shinoda shows in two weeks has been amazing. For those of you that have tickets to future shows, have fun, give Mike plenty of love back.

We brought our flannel socks and Mike hung out with us down in the crowd. I’ve included a few photos and a clipped video of the show last night. Enjoy!


Video (click):


Thank you for sharing!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: The video too!! :heart_eyes: :sun_with_face: :smile:


Front row awesomeness I see :smiley:


You are so lucky I hope that you had fun and stuff.


That was so awesome!!! Thank you for sharing this with everyone :blue_heart: Mike is so adorable :two_hearts:


OF COURSE! After I sat in the back at Project Revo 07’ at PNC I’ve never been anywhere but up front.