"An internal error has occurred." When I try to buy the deluxe bundle LPU + membership


Hello. I want to buy the deluxe bundle lpu + membership but I can’t because there are an error : “An internal error has occurred.” How can fix this problem please ?

Thanks !


Does the error message pop up when you’re at the purchase page? If so, MANUALLY submit the shipping address AND the credit card details yourself. Make sure BOTH are exactly the same. Let me know if this helps.


Yeah, on the purchase page. I check my details, all is good. I tried with an another computer, it’s the same thing. The adress is good, the number card with name is good too. It’s the same shipping adress and credit card. Maybe it’s a problem on the website ?


Did you type the payment details out manually? If so, then I’m not sure. Could be a website issue. Try again later.


Yes. I type the payment details out manually. I’ll wait but it’s since like that since two day because I tried before.


Have you checked if the bundle is still in stock?


Use a different internet browser and see if it makes a difference


There are nothing to say that it is not still in stock on the lpu page.


I’ll try


I tried with google chrome (I use firefox) Same problem.


I tried with an another pack (normal pack), same thing…So i don’t really understand what happend.

LPU team can help me please ?


Might be time to bring it up to @lpuhq