Another Remix Album, In Honor Of Chester?


I’ve already posted this to the Linkin Park subreddit, but I thought I’d post here as well.

So far we have 7 studio albums from LP. Only two of them have remix albums.

Hybrid Theory has Reanimation
Living Things has Recharged

I think now would be the perfect time to make a new remix album for none other than One More Light. If this does happen, I believe the best name for it would be…


It fits the pattern of the other remix albums, and the name would make the most sense overall.

It would have remix versions of the ten songs on One More Light.

But even better, I believe the first song on the album should be Looking For An Answer. It would give that beautiful song a home and a way for the fans to listen to it easier.

Thoughts on another remix album?


I would like it. In fact, remixes of ALL of their albums!


As awesome as having remixes for every album would be, it wouldn’t happen. But the next best thing is making one for OML.


RN I don’t like this idea so much. I’d prefer await for a new album…


Yes, dat will be fantastic


I think we should want to preserve the integrity of the last collective creative effort they did as the complete band. Don’t change a thing…I am for Looking for An Answer release but that could be a bonus track. Maybe even instead of remixed, a deluxe edition of OML with interludes of them just chatting or messing around in the studio…ya know like how Bleed It Out ends…

Just MORE of them…not new them…I’m not ready. :cry:


Ohh wow! That a wonderful idea!


I think u right about the new song i am looking for a answer i think it was an bonus track off of one more light .mike wrote the song a couple days after chester passed away. It was he way saying why