Another Studio Album in 2014?


Mike has teased about releasing a ‘new album’ In a fem weeks. What he means about a new album can Be questioned. So do You think They will be releasing Another Studio Album in just a fem weeks?
A new studio album whould Be so epic, it is unlikely that it is But They have said They got about 20 Things happening In 2014 and They spent a long time on making THP. So They could have Made allot more songs that They had finished and that They want to release it now before They want to Begin on something new. And LP are known to be surprising! So You Never know What They are up to…


Where did you find this information. Its unlikely but it would be AWESOME!


See LP Association for more details.

Nah, I guess Mike wasn’t really talking about a new LP record. And it may sound stupid, but I don’t want new material now. I wanna come to now the songs on THP better. I just wanna enjoy them. Man! The world became so fast moving. Is there no time to just savor what we’ve got?

I think that was one of the messages from #DistortionOfSound. People aren’t satisfied with new music. They are just grabbing and collecting and rushing through everything.


I’m pretty sure it will be Mike’s thing since he was talking about himself and not LP. I really hope it is not new LP music. We just got THP, no need for new stuff, it’s too early. I’d love it to be new FM stuff but I highly doubt it. I’m going for a remix or that soundtrack of Joe’s movie.


Mike said: We will release a new album on The Internet In a few weeks. We should not get our hope up But if it is a new studio album it Will Be amazing.
More music more often is good. After They release a album I listen to it nonstop for months. And then I just wait for a long time for Another album.


Whatever it is, I welcome new music from them!


I don’t think they will release a new studio album so shortly after thp but let’s wait and see what comes : )


hey guys - word has come out that the “releasing an album on the internet” thing was a misquote from the blog author. therefore, there will not be a new album released in a few weeks online.


Might be Fort Minor ? I would love if it is that…[smile][cool]