Answer-funktion no longer available


Hey out there, did you realized yet that the HQ no longer accept the answer funktion of your email programm, if you are informed about messages via email by them? You get now thw mailer deamon and the email immediately back. Tryed to write them and ask them why, but even this message is not working…??? What the … does that mean???


There are two emails from LPU: &

For u obviously do not reply - the latest email from the LPU uses this email.


Yes thats right, but why did they changed? That was a really comfortable function, now it´s more action to answer a comment or ste… :disappointed:


We’ve never been able to respond to LP(U) newsletters etc, that’s normal.

Any specific questions to LPUHQ can be mailed to

(Any issues with your membership, email instead of LPUHQ).


Hello An, thanx but I think Samuel is right, it depends on the sender, I see! Thanx united soldiers, have a good time lol