Answer in song lyrics


I had never been a coward
I had never seen blood
You had sold me an ocean
And I was lost in the flood
We were counting on a leader
We were driven by need
But couldn’t take temptation
And we were blinded by greed
You were steady as a sniper
We were waiting on a wire
So we never saw it coming
When you ran from the fire
You can try intimidation
And you can try to ignore
But when the time comes calling
Yeah, you are gonna get yours


Wanna talk about a victim
I’m a put you there with them


For what I’ve done
I start again
And whatever pain may come
Today this ends
I’m forgiving what I’ve done

I’ll face myself to cross out what I’ve become
Erase myself
And let go of what I’ve done


I remembered black skies
The lightning all around me
I remembered each flash
As time began to blur


When my time comes
Forget the wrong that I’ve done
Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed
And don’t resent me
And when you’re feeling empty
Keep me in your memory
Leave out all the rest
Leave out all the rest

All the hurt inside you’ve learned to hide so well
Someone else can come and save me from myself
I can’t be who you are


With hands held high into a sky so blue
The ocean opens up to swallow you


Hope decays
Generations disappear
Washed away
As a nation simply stares


Like an army falling
One by one by one


Now in my remains
Our promises that never came
Except this silent rain
To wash away the worst of me

(I am hooked on this song as of late)


Standing alone
With no direction
How did I fall so far behind


May your love never end
And if you need a friend
There’s a seat here alongside me


Oh no! I forgot the song name lol but j Know the lyrics!


A Line In The Sand


Ooooh yesss!¡

Scars to your beautiful
We stars and we are beautiful!


I know what it takes to move on
(Oh) I know how it feels to lie
(Oh) all I wanna do is trade this life for something new
Holding on to what I haven’t got


Find table spaces
say your social Graces
Bow your head, no pious here
You and me we pioneers
We make our own rules our own rooms no bias here
Let them sell what they are selling there are no buyers here! :smiley:


In cards and flowers on your window
Your friends all plead for you to stay
Sometimes beginnings aren’t so simple
Sometimes goodbye’s the only way, oh


So say goodbye and hit the road,
Pack it up and disappear!

(Lol that sounds so ironic!) :joy:


Like memories in cold decay,
Transmissions echoing away,
Far from the world of you and I,
Where oceans bleed into the sky!


And I’m not a robot, I’m not a monkey
I will not dance, even if the beat’s funky
Opposite of lazy - far from a punk
You all ought to stop talking
Start trying to catch up, motherfucker!