Any Aussies out there who can't wait for another LP visit


Hey all
I’m in Australia


sm topic here


Thanks I deleted and changed to move thanks


you need not to del it, I only wanna show ya the feedback of the other soldiers…lol welcome, and I´m sorry, that the big mistery pack seems to be the bigger s+++ lol :grinning: :persevere:


All g I’m not a negative person just was surprised that I had a similar reply I should suck it up hehe so I am
I have bought them every year they are available and haven’t come across this issue
Some people on here def are not as LPU nice hearted as I am xx everything for love peace and LPU :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


that is soooooooooooo nice to find ya last post right before leaving the house …hope you join more :heart:often
cya @Jani_LPU_AUST :raising_hand:


WOOO STRAYA, I’m in Brisabne Wbu?




Hello… I’m in the USA, but I can’t wait for them to come here to finally see them live.
They had me before the “record store” :smile: knew who I was talking about. It’s awesome that you got to go!


It won’t be long