Any drawers for a fan film?


As I am creating fan film in the summer, I was wondering if there is anyone on LPU that are good drawers and want to help draw concept art. They need to be turnaround sheets, all characters and landscapes that need to be done are below.


All landscapes are in this video clip, not enough art of the landscapes exists.…

This will not be paid as it is a fan film. However, if it gets made, you will all be given credit for your drawings.


@Coon is a damn good artist. Maybe she can help. She’s not around much but @Jabin_Quaken can help you out with contact.


Thanks :slight_smile: Hopefully I can get it started now! XD


@Coon and @Jabin_Quaken

Hi, I was told by the_terminat8r that you can help me by either drawing artwork for me, but by helping my find people that can for free? If you want to help, great :slight_smile: All information about the project is at the top of this post.



Hi! We don’t deal with the CG, actually. I don’t know anybody who does. Sorry. I can’t help. Try to find some artists on DA.


Hi, so what your saying is you don’t know anyone that can draw concept art for a film?


Right. Sorry! I don’t know how to help.


It’s alright :slight_smile: I’ve already sent a call out on DA.