Any fans from Pa?


Looking to meet a fan who is interested in going to the Ohio festival. Idk many people my age who are willing to go so let’s chat!


Scranton PA here! Was gonna go to the Hershey show had tickets and everything


I’m from Philly. Had tix for A.C :-/. Ohio is a little bit too far for me though.


I’m in Bangor Pa (east of Allentown), I won tickets to Hershey! Since it was cancelled I’m trying to go to Ohio, they haven’t released which date they would be playing in Ohio yet and it’s a weekend long festival. Unless I missed the date release? None of my friends want to commit to the weekend lol so I’m hoping to find someone to maybe carpool with n hang out with in Ohio, or at least try.


That’s a bummer :-/. If Ohio doesn’t work out you’ll get another chance. They come to Camden pretty frequently which is much closer :).


I hope so! Camden is def closer but I’m willing to drive to Ohio I’ve done it before…


Im from Greensburg PA, which is about 40 minutes southeast of Pittsburgh. I had tickets to the hunting party tour as well and im so bummed they had to cancel. Im also wondering what day they will be headlining rock on the range but i dont think it has been announced yet. People are selling tickets for specific days on StubHub and other sites like that so once they announce the day they are playing, I think im just going to buy my ticket that way.


South jersey here :slight_smile: I’ve told myself that if that if the tour isn’t rescheduled, I’ve gotta go to see them atlesst once more at a festival