Any fav LP songs?


hi street soldiers I just wanted to know if y’all have any favourite linkin park song because I think that there all unique that its hard to pick a favourite so I just wanted to know if y’all have a favourite or, if like me, you can’t pick one.


Hey, try these threads:


Hey! We also got B.O.T.S. There’s some votes showing the whole fan preferences. (Though, not so many people voted). :smile:


I wonder when @acemasters will be back.


who’s @acemasters ?


Ace Master ist he unbeaten king of lpu-song-polls and like two month ago, due to the death of his …handy/mobile, he left for comming back hopefully real soon…B+O+T+S is like Battle of the songs…LP album votings, song vs. song [costs heardtblood] stm. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not ‘like’ it is lol


thanx, so I still have o learn, hi Rob @the_termin8r1, me watching terminator III righ tnow, and I open the post for wiki, everybody can change, lol :stuck_out_tongue: let´s go
the post above is open, you can remove my error, Robert!
nobody a nice idea to play with the wiki-function?
You all can addsth to my post dueto click on the green biro, upper right corner of the post…


thanx that kinda helped :slight_smile:


the correct answer is yes XD


Only one? Oh that’s difficult… Mmm, I choose Points of authority, is not that don’t like others is just… Is almost the only one that can makes me happy in 10 seconds


Am… breaking the habit, all time favourite!!


Crawling is my favorite :smiley:


Hybrid Theory - One Step Closer (first song I ever heard from them),
Meteora - Breaking the Habit
Minutes to Midnight - The Little Things Give You Away/What I’ve Done,
A Thousand Suns - Waiting For the End/The Catalyst,
Living Things - Burn It Down,
The Hunting Party - A Line In The Sand


the first song that I heard was numb


when you get the feels listening to linkin park :smirk:


:joy: is a unique sensation, I love music and LP moves me