Any Graphic Designers/ Artist in the Family


Just wondering if we have any Graphic Designers/or artists in our LP family… I like to draw and just finished school for Graphic Design.

Feel free to post any artwork!

Here are some of my favorite designs so far. We had to create albums for two types of genres.


Howdy! Can’t say I’m an “artist” but I do love being creative! And appreciate art! I always love seeing what others came up with! There’s a lot of talent out there! Thanks for sharing your designs! Looks cool! :+1: And CONGRATS on finishing Grapic Design school!!! :+1::smiley::tada::balloon::trophy:


@jonna97 Thanks! :smiley:

Glad to hear you enjoy being creative! It’s always a great way to express yourself!


Really amazing job on your artwork

I can’t wait to see more


@StephLP18 Thanks! :smiley: I will make sure to post more work here and there :slight_smile:


i agree! Being creative is so good and so healthy for you for so many reasons! It’s like meditation, it helps you to practise creative thinking and will help you to come up with solutions that may be “out of the ordinary” in real life situations in general when you allow your mind to be open and not see things in a certain set way. It helps with the “thinking process”. Or it helps you to “not think at all” too when you are “lost in creativity” and concentrated. It helps you to tune in and listen to yourself and how you’re really feeling and doing and helps you get those emotions out and process them, it helps you to express yourself, it helps you to relax and deal with stress, etc. etc. etc. It doesn’t even matter if one is good at it or not, as long as one enjoys it. The outcome doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. Let whatever comes out, come out, right? One can always “edit” afterwards and not share the poem/song/drawing/painting/story/photo/whatever. But while at it, let the mind run free and see what comes out! That’s what’s so exciting about it. :smiley:


@jonna97 Honestly could not have said it better myself! It’s amazing how soothing creativity can be. I have looked at all my past artworks and sometimes you can really tell how I felt at that exact moment.

I love that you stated that because I’ve had so many friends give up or hate drawing because of the fact that they weren’t “good”. As long as you are happy, it shouldn’t matter :smiley:


I used to go to dance classes and my dance teacher used to say that she knows EXACTLY how I am feeling each time just by watching me dance. You know, if the movements were soft and flowing or strong and energetic or fast and like punching through the air, etc. I have always reacted to the emotions in a music really strongly and still do. Like even at concerts I go to, it depends on the music if I’m swaying or jumping or doing fist pumps. It’s like my body moves by itself. :joy: But I take that too as a form of “creativity”. You “let your body go” when you hear a song. Put some music on and let oyur body move any way the music makes it move without judging or censoring and thinking “that looks stupid”. Just do it. Of course it helps when you are dancing alone. :joy: But it’s very freeing!

Who’s to say what is “good” though? I think it’s all relative. Who really can say what is good art or “worthy” or not? It all depends who is looking and when. I mean, imagine if you would have showed contemporary art to the folks who were used to seeing art done by Michelangelo back in the day? They would have laughed at it and called it crap because they wouldnt have understood it. And still to this day, some love certain artists and praise them…while others absolutely HATE their art and call it crap. In my opinion “good art” is anything that makes someone else FEEL something. And/or makes them think or inspires them or moves them in any kind of way. And that includes the person making it. If someone feels moved by art and enjoys it and finds it relaxing or helpful and enjoyable in any kind of way…it does not matter what the outcome is. If it’s “good” or bad. It doesn’t even matter if you finsih what you started. If you had fun and enjoyed it, then it was valuable And if someone wants to be an artist and everyone keeps saying “that’s not good”, keep doing it anyway if you enjoy it. Sure, you will probably have to find other ways to make ends meet to support yourself, but you never know when the day comes when someone will love what you do. And even if that day never comes. It never goes to waste anyway if you enjoy it. It never goes to waste. Especially since there might be other ways it will end up helping you in your life. Maybe you can’t draw a great portrait yourself, but you have great eye for detail or colors and compositions. Maybe youre great at looking at the “big picture” because of art. Maybe you are able to sit and focus on a project and get it finished because of being used to working on an art project. SOOOO many ways it’s beneficial to us even if the art WE produce isn’t “great” that we often don’t even think about! It NEVER goes to waste!


:rofl: I obviously love the first but the second is awesome lol :rofl: slim nerdyyy haha
The charzard is the cherry on top of the choices :stuck_out_tongue:


@framos1792 thanks :rofl:

I loved making that one, but I was trying so hard not to laugh while getting the picture taken. Of course you can never go wrong with a charizard :rofl: :grin:


Eyy! They are cool ones dude! :smiley::smiley: Great covers! :wink:


@Honey8 thanks :grin:


Welcome to the world of Graphic Design…I have been a Designer for over 10 years now and I love it! Not many people can say they love what they do. Good luck!


Thanks! That’s awesome that you get to be at a job you love! I’m hoping I can stay in the graphic business. Right now i do small graphic work at my job and occasional freelancing so it’s a start! :grin:


For giggles I decided to add another one haha. This was the design on my grad cap, had to embrace my nerdness (Thats a world right? Is now… :rofl:)


I used to teach Graphic Design at a local college where I live and I used to tell my students the most important thing they can do is build up their portfolio. So the more freelance u do won’t hurt. :smile:


Thats so cool that you used to teach it!
Very true, the more work I do the better I’ll get. That way I can update and keep the projects in that I feel are my strengths.


Teaching was fun…it gave me a different perspective of teachers lol…but I missed designing too much so I decided to go back full time to design. The only other words of wisdom I would like to give you is watch out doing freelance for friends/family! Remind them that 'freelance" does NOT mean free! :rofl:


I can imagine, I have so much respect for teachers (art teacher was my second option for a career)

Thanks for the advice! While it is nice to help family and friends, it really isn’t a free service, sometimes you put quite a bit of time into just one design.


Welcome no worries! :wink: Keep Creating! :heart::hugs: