Any kind of news about Linkin Park?


Hello guys. I definitely agree with what you all said and to be honest I’m pretty sure Linkin Park will be back in a near future. Let’s not forget one thing, if I’m right (please do correct me if I’m not) they are the only band that has change music genre and remained successful. Those 5 out there will never leave behind (at least not now) LP after 22 years. I’m not seeing that happening, not after all they have accomplished. In reply to what you’ve said @Marilau Mike himself announced at the end of his Livewire set “Linkin Park to come back in a far, I’ll see you guys then”. Recently also an Instagram post caught my attention, saying “Update from the studio”. So let’s all be patient :blush:. Knowing Mike and his writing habits, I’m pretty sure he got some materials that will fit as a Linkin Park single more than in his Post Traumatic Album. That’s always the case when he wrote songs for Linkin Park, some of them ended up as a Fort Minor song or vice versa. Like you said betelgeuze it’s a new starting point for them. @jabinquaken No need of a new singer buddy, we have Mike, one among the best leader and lead singer a band could have. With that said, something off topic now, I hope that you all friends in America are safe and sound after the cyclone. Stay :muscle: folks!! :v:


I would love to see Linkin Park continue making music and performing. However, I don’t believe they can continue with Mike as the lead vocalist. He is a fantastic musician and rapper, but his singing voice isn’t the strongest. He struggles to sing live without the auto tune. Additionally it would be incredibly difficult for him to scream like Chester or perform songs that require both singing and rapping simultaneously.

In terms of their future, I can only see Mike continuing his solo career and the other guys going their own ways, or the addition of a new vocalist. I honestly believe nobody can replace Chester, but this may be the only way for LP to continue.


We don’t need a copy of Chester, especially in Mike… They could continue changing a bit the style, that’s all…BUT that’s up to them to decide! . (full stop)

Whatever they do, they have my full support… :heart:


Yea, they will definitely continue to change up their style if they were to continue. But they will also have to perform the old songs. If not, would they still be Linkin Park?


I think she means performing old songs as just piano versions, or another way that doesn’t have the screaming.


They could perfom them like Mike’s doing with “In the end” and anyway , again, it’s up to them to decide… Whatever they decide of course would be different from the past, but that doesn’t mean they can’t do great things again… :heart:

Btw… @intheend did you see this thread?

EDIT: thanks @melisLP !yeah, that! :heart:


I agree them , Everything will bei okay ,i am sure :laughing::laughing::laughing:


That is right, thexsm for translate😇
I have so many angel this year like no year before :eyes:




I doesn’t matter what other people concerns are. Any news on LP is on a halt. People need to understand what happened last year, happened last year. Not five years ago, and not ten years ago but last year. They did the thing in October, cherish that but don’t be too eager to ask what’s next for Linkin Park because obviously they’re on hiatus. And they have a good reason. I’m not pushing it and you would think people with a soul wouldn’t either.


Thank you dear for adding your comment! Completely agreed! :heart: :sun_with_face:


Thank you!!


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I have read some of the answers that have cited the fact of giving much more time for a future recovery, but what I think is that you can not live in the past and the present can be a solid basis for the future only if you make the right choices . With this I do not want to push the group to return to the “classic style” that will never return, I simply say that I would have preferred a temporary closing of the curtain for a re-opening. I do not say that it is simple and fast, for heaven’s sake, I say I would have preferred the frank truth or an official term of the project with a little glow for the future.

If I had to concentrate on what they are currently doing, it makes me think: “Look, um, they seem to have come to relive their lives with their passions from where they have ‘partially’ put them aside”.

Any time 1,5,10,50 years none of these and many other times will allow the perfect metabolization of events …


Who do you think you are?
Donald Trump or something?


Yoooooo lol
Ehhh can’t say that didn’t make me chuckle but let’s keep it calm here
I take it we have similar views on this but everyone’s entitled to their opinions

It is what it is, not worth a keyboard battle especially on here where everyone tries to get along

But welcome and nice to meet you bro,
Hop on in other places so we can get to know you better :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi. I understand your feelings and I totally validate them. Please just be sensitive and remember that there are 5 people left in the band who all have to be ready and everyone cycles through the stages of grief and anxiety at their own speed. Having lost my father, little brother, niece and best friend, I get that intensely. It can be debilitating. Linkin Park respect their fans more than any other band I have ever encountered. They will never lie to us, so they are not going to make promises that they won’t be able to keep. We all want to see them move forward together, but it has to be on their time. Peace and love my friend.


@malcom1 Why do not you just say yours instead of accusing others?

@adrianne62 I read your message and do not want to go to the insensitive person, but if we continue to live from the past only how can we face life?

Each of us has lost some very dear person among relatives and / or friends, but the point is that good or bad we have gone to pain (even if the memory can still do much harm), on the other hand live every single day with the thought of the death of a very close person you would cause psychological and living damages.

With this I do not want to say that they should start tomorrow morning in the studio and do as if nothing had happened, but I think we must tackle the situation and make small steps forward (it seems to me that despite it is over 1 year, the time for them he stopped at that moment)

Incidentally, while I’m writing this message, I have “Nobody can save me” as background


@droms I get it and I understand what you are getting across. Try not to get frustrated. We are all together in this. I have " Halfway Right" playing on Spotify right now while I’m at work so that’s very cool that we are listening to the same album! No judgement here. Just love and support. I’m here for you always. Peace!


I was kind of trying to keep quiet but you’re biting your tongue bro so just hush that crap up pleeeease
I’ve been telling you a few times already, yet it’s you who’s stuck in the past, you keep preaching about moving forward and for the guys to look to the future and leave the past in the past-well…what are you doing? Moaning and groaning about not having new music and about how it was before waiting for their new music
You’re the one living I. The past without realizing. Branch out bro, adapt and move on, we’ve got mikes stuff and I’m sure plenty more is coming from him

You’re not dependent on LP, no one is and I’m about as frustrated as mike was about people being hung up on what happened last year, change is inevitable, it works the same for bands-whether they morphed, quit or really are on an extended break-they don’t owe you crap, they don’t owe any of us anything at all

Accept these changes or at the very least quit complaining about them-I honestly don’t mind your complaints but I know these talks trigger some people and that- I won’t watch happen without saying something
It’s as unhealthy for you as it is for others who could possibly be more sensitive to this