Any kind of news about Linkin Park?


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This is a touchy but very valid topic- with so many different viewpoints and unknowns. In my own opinion, I have to go with the cliché that nature will take its course.

After being at the Hollywood Bowl for the Linkin Park & Friends last year and seeing so many amazing artists come out and pay tribute, I wondered for a long time if there could be a replacement for Chester. The simple (and super high-level) answer to that question is NO. There isn’t, and should never be.

I had a chance to see Mike sing at Identity LA back in May, and this I know for sure- he is a true artist, musician, performer, and influencer. I hope in time we see some new music from the guys… and that it sounds familiar.

We’re all in this together, so whatever they do decide at whatever point, it is what it is. Be patient. Be appreciative. Linkin Park Family.


You got that right😉 lets all lift each other spirits in times like these. Let us not feel down rather lets celebrate LPs music everyday😊


This is just so well phrased! :heart:
The Hollywood Bowl Show was truly beautiful, but in my case it just showed me how unique C’s voice and stage presence was.
It is a pretty hot topic nobody really would want to talk about, 'cause what options are there?
A new singer? The LPFamily is loving and stuff, but… he probably would never get fully accepted.
The “end” of LP performing live? Something that is possible - yes - but, it’s something I’ll only occupy my mind with if it comes true. :no_mouth:

What I “ended up” believing is pretty simple: Mike’s “singing voice” has grown QUITE a bit over the last year - by now I can imagine him singing LP songs.
But at the same time he told us all we wouldn’t want to hear him “scringing” (if that was the word ^^).

Let’s just wait then. LP will never fully come to an end tho as long as the fans stay. :heart:


Patience, trust, and love is all we have for Rob, Mike, Joe, Brad, and Dave! When it’s in you as it always has been, nothing else matters. I’m a Full Stack Web Developer out of Los Angeles, and the excitement, adrenaline, and love for LP’s sound has never gone away. As weird as it sounds, I can get super aggravated with coding or life or anything, and I always know there’s an escape. I get in my car and turn it up LOUD AS FUCK and can reset myself. This core group of guys is all we ever need, and I’m really enjoying Post Traumatic right now. 3 months or 3 years… I’m sure the boys will be back in the shed creating something amazing. And yeah… Mike can whisper and yell too. :bow_and_arrow:


I think Alex McMillan (cheks the dude’s YouTube channel) is a good option. His voice is the closest thing I have ever heard to the Chester’s voice. It is insane. It’s not the perfect copy or anything, but the boy can sing very well and I think it will fit the band’s style.

I really, really hope LP to make music again, and I really, really want some similar voice :(( Please, Mike, guys, make music again…


This article just release about maybe an hour ago?

Sounds hopeful between this one and then actually listening to the podcast.


Hi, new member here!

That sounds good - I’m loving Mike’s solo career and am eagerly awaiting new stuff, but I would definitely also like to see a bit of an LP comeback. Whether that’s soon or in 2 years, 5 years, or whatever. I 100% agree with what Mike says. Any other singer would take quite a lot of convincing, but I trust the LP members. I doubt they would ever give off an impression of “here’s the new Chester”.



First off welcome to the forum! :grin:

I agree with you I’m loving Mike’s solo career also! A Linkin Park comeback would be cool to see, but again like you said whether it’s in 2 years or however long, it’s on them. I’m just glad to see they are all still in connection with each other. I feel like it would be hard not too, they have to basically be family after being together so long.

They is no way they could/would do that, so yes trust in Linkin Park :smile::smile: