Any Lp and transformers Combo fan's here :)


Lp have been doing such a great collaboration all these years doing sound tracks for the transformers sequel such as what ive done , new divide , irridiscent and the next part 4 is coming up i hope they still continue their legacy with the franchise .

Ok whos’s your fav characters I start of with Optimus and Ironhide

Happy posting [biggrin][wink]









Bumblebee all the freaking way!


Bumblebee and Barricade [heart]


Transformers is the movie that re-introduced me to LP!


I never liked the Transformers movies. They were just tooo boring.


Optimus FTW


[quote=StanleyElite]Optimus FTW

Like the guys in the band, I was a fan of Transformers before the first movie and of course Im a combo fan :smiley:


Forever IRONHIDE � [mrgreen]


I used to love transformers when I was a kid. I would watch the cartoons as often as I could. But I don’t like the films at all. On the 3rd one, Sam treats Bumblebee as if he was a little dog and there are a lot of scenes I consider simply bad taste on all of them. Well, at least the music is amazing. [wink]


I must say though… I was really disappointed by Transformers3,
So they better come up with something quite special if there’s going to be a nr4!


[quote=Monica]Bumblebee and Barricade [heart]




Anybody heard any news on the Linkin Park Edition Soundwave that was supposed to be coming out?


Lp and Transformers combo is just awesome!!!
And my favorite characters are Optimus, Bumblebee, Ironhide and Sideswipe


I agree, LP and Transformers are an awesome combo!
My fav: Optimus and Bumblebee
Can’t wait to see the next movie!


Luv luv luv TF and when LP got chosen to do a song for every movie well it jus made it more exiting for my son and I hope they chose them to do a song for TF4 …I CANT WAIT TO C IT!!!

My fave is Bumblebee my nex car is a camaro and I want it to b exactly like bumblebee
I also luuuuuv Optimus and Ironhide I cried when he died I’m such a baby lol


[quote=ALIZAY29]My fave is Bumblebee my nex car is a camaro and I want it to b exactly like bumblebee

My first car is definitely going to be Chevy… but I’m not sure if its going to be a Camaro =D
I know that they brought out a Bumblebee edition but I think these cars are hard to get … and too expensive! [rolleyes]