Any LPU members wanting to make a band?


Hey guys,

I am looking to form a band during Sixth Form that starts in January of 2017 and I was wondering, does anyone want to begin to be involved, but due to time constrictions and family life, I can only be approached by email for now. You don’t have to be in the UK for a while yet.

I am a beginner drummer from Kent who loves in the music of bands like Fall out Boy, Dead by Sunrise, Linkin Park (obviously) Skillet, Evanescence and 30 Seconds to Mars. I may be taking drum lessons in the summer and in Sixth Form.

I am looking for a bassist, 1 or 2 guitarists, 1 keyboard player, one DJ and one screamer and soft singer (preferably in one guyl) and an emcee.

Age range: 16 - 17
Ethic group or race: Doesn’t matter
Sexuality: Doesn’t matter

Please play or sing two - three of these songs and make it a video, and the end, tell me something about yourself, what got you interested in music, your personality and why you want to be in this band and what you want out of it.

Song links here:

After creating the video, email it to me. My email is:

Please, if you’re going to be in this band, please have a fun, maybe slightly crazy personality, ambition, determination and a friendly feel to you.



Hey, I don’t think you’ll find anyone because most of the girls here aren’t in the UK. I think @BELL_LP is the only girl in the UK and I’m not sure she plays/sings.


Damm… uh, maybe I’ll switch to guys then… I can always looks for females elsewhere :slight_smile:


There aren’t guys either lol. I’m completely talent-less when it comes to music and @Super_saiyen_Peewee plays a bit of guitar from what I know but lives in Manchester.


Maybe try the LP association forums. They are more active apparently.


DAMMIT!! Well… they don’t have to be in the UK for now anyway, for another one or two years anyway…


Plays a bit is right lol


I’d love to help but a) not in the age limit, b) playing music is just a hobby since I suck at it and c) I’m more interesting in how the industry works than actually playing lol. Good luck though, you can try putting an ad up online somewhere esle, might be much easier that way to find people.


Well… how old are you? Well, for me, drumming is just a hobby because I’m not that good, besides, its only a beginner band, looking to get better through each other.

Maybe our music manager if we ever go big?


I’m 22 and self taught, I’ve never taken any music lessons, learned to play everything by myself so I’m short when it comes to theory and such.

I can do management for sure, it is what I am studying after all.(And I’ve done some practice with other bands too).


Hey @Beckster2000 - sounds awesome, actually I do sing and some keyboards, but I’m just putting together a band myself and I know realistically that i won’t have time to commit to anything more. Such a shame, but wish you really good luck!!!



Sorry for not replying, its great that you want to start a band! Good luck to you! May I ask… how did you find your band members, because Im still in school with final exams coming up, I don’t have the time to go out to hang out a lot anymore, so that’s why I wanted to have this email thing set up.

Best of luck to you and your band, what are you guys called?


How awesome is this, bands forming out of the depths of the LPU. Best of luck with your quest and may the odds be ever on your favor.