Any music artists/ song writers?


Hey guys :smiley:
Just wanted to ask if there’s anyone who writes/ makes own music. I do and I’m looking for others to talk abouty our songs, share them with each other, help each other and… you know :smile:
I’m not a professional!! I work with 2 friends in a little village and we have about 5 fans :smile: I’d like to talk even if u think ur music isn’t good (mine isn’t too) or u don’t do much :smile:

I don’t know if there’s a better category to discuss this, please don’t be rude with me I#m totally new here and I will make everything wrong that’s possible to make wrong :open_mouth:

Sorry for my bad english I’m german :confused:

Your music creations
Work In Progress: Making my first EP
My LP inspired work

Cool! What kind of music do you make?

I sing in a church band, believe it or not. It’s something I started doing since a year. I’ve got about 50 fans :smile: [church members who love my voice] We don’t perform our own material yet, but I really want to in the future.

When I was a teenager I used to sing in a vocal harmony group with my sibling and my cousin. We wrote our own material and performed in high school parties and such. Those were the days. But nothing tops singing with a band, though.


Haha as though lpu members haven’t been playing around with stagelight lately - ok maybe not too long ago


The monthly stagelight thing is pretty awesome, seen some pretty good stuff pass by from there. Also think some fans made some really cool remixes along the way with both Reliving Things and Viscera. It’s pretty cool that Linkin Park gives their fanbase opportunities like these.

And there’s these remix contests they’ve done with Indaba Remix. I tried to join the fun too, with Lost In The Echo… Ended up goofing around. Let’s just say it’s nice, when you’ve had yourself a nice bottle o’ jack daniels :wink:


Hey! Thanks fir your replies!!
We make kind of Nu-Metal, but it’s not as heavy as Limp Bizkit Stuff or Hybrid Theory!! But maybe it changes next time! It just rapping over rock, doesn’t make us peoneers, cuz rap and rock have collaborated for years (if you know this song I love you!!) I really like choir singing! I’m bad at singing but it sounds great when it’s combined with music!! @gatsiesheikar

I’m stupid, I know… so I don’t know what stagelight is :frowning: is it a show/event where fans remix LP’s songs and present it to other fans/the band? :o @samueleiter @gatsiesheikar


Step-step up, step-step up :stuck_out_tongue: Ah, that’s one of my many faves aside from High Voltage :smiley:

Cool, a Nu Metal band huh? I believe everyone can sing with a bit of training and I agree that combined with music things usually blend together very nicely anyways :smile: So, what’s the name of your band?

You’re not stupid for not knowing about Stagelight :slight_smile: Stagelight is a Digital Audio Workstation, a program to mix music with. Quite recently they’ve released a Linkin Park edition of this software. Fans can use the program to remix LP songs or create their own material. And every month a best one gets picked.


Aaaah i think I’ve alread heard of it! Want to have it but there’s no money left because I’ve just bought the LPU14 bundle :confused:

Well, we have a strange name “Magnetfeld” what means magnetic field. It’s because our first song was called “Kompass” what means, guess what, compass! :smiley:

You mean the hybrid theory EP, don’t you? I meant the album, but the EP is amazing! You’re totally right! High Voltage is okay but there’s an awesome remix! Here’s the link to the remix: Linkin Park : High Voltage (remix).: it’s great!!


Yeah, being low on funds, I know what that’s like, tee-hee.

Well, sounds like a cool name; Magnetfeld. Do you have any of your songs online yet? Always curious to hear new stuff :smile:

Ah yes! High Voltage remix and original are both awesome :smiley:


We have, bit only one song! You can find it here: MAGNETFELD – Kompass:
If you want you can listen to the solo project of our rapper here: YONI - Ein Letztes Mal [Lyrics-Video]: and you can download his new album at (sorry for giving much but I promote him and me as much as possible xD)
We will record more the next weeks
I’m happy u like to hear our music! Tell me what you think of our song and what we can do better :smiley:


Nah, feel free to share your stuff. It sounds pretty good man! I’ve listened to Kompass, I like the raw rock with the rap, very nice. The intro somehow reminded me of Superman by 3 Doors Down. And I’ve also listened/watched Yoni’s solo video Engel. Wow, he’s pretty good. Sounds like radio material, really.

Sehr gut! :smile:

Do you guys perform live too?


That’s very cool that you liked it!! Thank you!! :blush:
I’ve listened to Superman and your right, is sounds a bit like it! Thank you really much for your nice words! Did you already make any records with your group? :smiley:


You’re welcome :smile:

My church band is still a work-in-progress to be honest. During church services we usually just play a various of well-known Christian songs. We do plan to make our own songs too, though.

There’s one practice clip on our church’s Facebook page now. Which was actually not intended to be put online, to be honest :flushed: But since you shared your stuff, I guess it’s only fair if I show mine too :smile: Mind you, it’s anything but perfect so don’t laugh :stuck_out_tongue:


i know play the Drum, the Electric Guitar, Keyboard :smile:


very cool! i do the same but I’m not playing the drums very long :confused: did u ever try to do own music? ^^ @Arena_Deborah


@felix_shinoda yes i do but just for fun :smile:


Hey guys, nice to see other musicians sharing their stuff with us here:)
I think it’s a great idea to share some music. If you like, check out my new song and let me know what you think.


Sounds pretty darned amazing @OLi_LPU


I’m glad you like it


Hi there!

I’m “key-jay” in a band called “Next to Come”. We had our first gig last weekend. You can watch it here.


I write from time to time. I’ts a lot of stuff I’ve worked on and have posted a few of the “lyrics” on LPU blogs. Some people have said I have a good voice, but its all just for good fun. I don’t even have any instrumentals for my stuff xD.

You can check out some of what I’ve written here:

I’ve written a lot more but not many people read them nowadays, such a shame lol