Any music artists/ song writers?


I use Garageband for all my music, I don’t really feel like putting in a lot of money if I’m not able to record real guitars…


I’ve been gone for awhiiiile, but I’m back! Listened to all the links because I wanted to catch up. Amazing stuff!! I actually just got finished something I haven’t done since I was little. Rap! Haha. I hope you guys enjoy it! But I’ve actually finished that album I talked about doing too! >> CLICK HERE << it’s called “My Dark Story”


Hey guys. I just uploaded a new song. I don’t know if you guys are into House, but if you are you can check it out! Btw I’m alway really happy to get feedback. :slight_smile: Anyway, here it is:


House music is wicked! It’s basically where I started truly composing my own music. :slight_smile:

It’s sound pretty cool, though I do have to say you need some fuller intruments to work with o:


@the3rdtausk cool track! I like your flow and the beat. The chorus could use something extra to make it more impactful.

@infiniteaftermath good track, but I agree with the3rdtausk’s comment. It has potential, it just needs a little more tweaking.

Keep up the good work guys :grinning:


Haha, thanks. I’m not much of a rap guy. I make more Rock-Themed stuff mainly. Haha.


How to recreate the Star Wars main theme with a virtual orchestra. Interesting stuff


New Confetti Parade EP, check it out!


I do and iam 16 and I get my inspiration from linkin park which also helped me write I couldn’t save You which I wrote soon after I heard the news that Chester died. I only wished that I could have been at the concert to honor Chester


Here’s my new track :slight_smile:

This one came together in just a couple of hours and I’m pretty proud of it. Tell me what you think!

BTW Vibes is a side project and won’t be part of my EP.


Wow! Just a couple of hours to do it!? :open_mouth: :star_struck: do you have a lyric to match with the music? :smile: good piece! :sun_with_face:


Yeah :smile: Past Saturday evening I just sat down and wanted to create a quick track. This was the result.

Unfortunately no lyrics. I wanted to keep it instrumental


Well done! :star_struck: :heart_eyes:

Not unfortunately…I just wanted to know… :wink: :smile:


Thank you for your support :blush:


For a few hours’ work, you have a fairly decent arrangement here, I think. You just gotta work on the mixing


Thank you! Yeah mixing and mastering is always a bit difficult for me


Oh! Can i post mine one too here?! :smiley::smiley:


Of course! This thread is for everyone to share their stuff


I’ve already shared in the GB one… Will do here also…


My latest piano cover. It’s pretty easy to play yet it has interesting chords. I hope you like it :slight_smile: