Any music artists/ song writers?


Nice to see another german band here :wink:

Watched some of your live vids, looked like you had fun on your first gig.
Keep up the good work!

If you like to check out another band from germany: I’m also in a band and we’re called "NewEnd"
You can check us out here:
On Facebook:

@Woco211 good stuff! hopefully you can find some other musicians or you find a way to record instrumentals yourself. Or do you want to stay in an a cappella style?



I’d actually like to record with Instrumentals lol. Thing is my friends thing I can rap better than I can sing, which may or may not be the case. They say I sound too “orgasmic” when i sing. I think its funny xD


i listened to some of the things you all have shared and thzey r really professional :open_mouth:
i have little prob, bc I’ll be on a big stage in a few weeks and I’m afraid bc I wasn’t on a stage since a year!! :frowning: can someone give me any advice? Bc its a big event and I have to be succesfull! :open_mouth:


My best advice is to go all out and just have fun on stage. When you are enjoying what you are doing the crowd will pick that up too.


@OLi_LPU yep, we’re from Germany, too. Thanks for sharing your links. Who knows, maybe we could organize a gig one day =)

@felix_shinoda my advice is - even if you think that you are about to mess up the song - to just keep on going. Just don’t stop the song like in an awkward vinyl break style.
Btw what big event is it?


I did some raps, some time ago, but my English is not very good. If one day I could translate it, I post here for you!


@qwoat Yeah maybe, whenever you are down in the south;)

@felix_shinoda the other advices already made the point: Let it happen naturally.

How many musicians we have in the house?

also du bist ja auch aus deutschland also mach ichs ma auf deutsch :wink:
wir spielen beim ökumenischen kirchentag von der pfalz :smile:
danke für deinen tipp noch :smiley:
@Raphael_Lima1 rapping is amazing and its harder to be a good rapper than most people think u have my respect!! :blush: what about rapping in ur lenguage? where do u come from? :smiley:


Hi all, Liam from Montreal here. Been a fan of LP since early 2002 and never stopped listening to them since ! They inspired me a lot to pick up instruments and start writing music…I actually started playing in a band in 2007.

A few years later (I spent most of this time looking for the right bandmates), my band finally released an EP now available on bandcamp :

Hope you like it ! And for the other musicians, keep on rockin’ :slight_smile:



wow ur super professional! I hope u keep on making music its amazing!! :smiley:


Thx so much ! And yes my band and I have no intention to stop :smile:
I listened to your song (Kompass) as well and liked it ! I speak a little German (Ich spreche Deutsch, ein bisschen)
Keep rockin’!



Hello Guys I’m back :smile:
I don’t know if band promotion is allowed here I guess not really

But this is not meant as a promotion for our songs, we just NEED YOUR HELP to make our dream come true

There will be a huge festival in my town (4 example the Beatsteaks will be there)
We participated in a voting and we need votes because the 5 most voted bands win a concert at this festival!!

So all you have to do is going to and vote for the band "magnetfeld"
All you have to do is entering an existing email adress, you can do it multiple times :blush:

Please help us we actually have a cvhance to win but only if you help us with a vote!! every vote is f*cking important!!!


My new mashup is here.
Fort Minor vs Papa Roach —
"Remember The Name and Last Resort (ft. Ryu)"
Check it on my soundcloud.

      I write lyrics and also record, but not professionally, 

just for fun lol. I have listed a couple of songs on my site, of course
don’t go too hard on me, they aren’t the best quality xD (They are recorded on my phone lol) , you can check
them out here:


@NeoRock_0961 nice mashup :wink: These songs fit well together

You can listen to my new song here:

It’s a complementary song to my Part 1. You can also check that out on my YouTube channel.


Lovely the melody)
Well done!


Glad you listened, thanks!


I finally finished my mechanical trilogy, here is the third part:

If you like all handmade and recorded music:)
Feel free to share and comment!



that mashup’s dope bro!!


)))) It’s great that you are making your own music))). Do you have any videos of live performances?
I am learning to sing in some way)). What do you think about mixing different genres?