Any music artists/ song writers?


I just uploaded a new song, called “Laugh at the beautiful”.
This time it’s with lyrics and vocals so let me know what you think!

@SerenaX I don’t know if you wrote to me, but these uploaded recordings on my YouTube channel are my live performances :smile:
Keep up making music, do you sing your own stuff or cover other songs? Maybe LP?
Mixing different genres is good to unlock creative powers I think! But I wouldn’t even put music in genres and just let it become what it surely will.

Have a great day everyone!


Hey, Oli) You have a great voice I think. I need to hear you sing rock to understand better… As for me I sing my own stuff because when I have tried to sing Evanescence song Hello I have been ill for almost two weeks… LP’s songs I don’t actually cover but maybe one song I don’t why I love so much it’s called Valentine’s Day. You’re right I guess genres exist only in our heads… Music is much more deeper than that… This idea of genres was in my head for a long period of time. Guess it wasn’t actually my idea… Somebody else’s… If you understand what I mean. Maybe I will get rid of it. Maybe we can try to sing something?


@SerenaX Thank you, did you upload your songs somewhere so people can listen to it ? I’m not sure if I would consider me as a vocalist, since this is the first vocal recording with lyrics that I recorded :smile: But I’ve got a couple more vocal songs that are near to finish. So there’s more to come.


Guess I have a reverbnation account. And I am about to upload a song there.


I will be glad to hear your new songs)


Hello guys I make my own music too, but now I do only covers, so my first cover was on Linkin Park - Pushing Me Away , please check it out on YouTube


@The_Messenger1 nice cover, curious about your own stuff!

I just uploaded a new song on my YouTube Channel

This one is a instrumental I actually planned to record with an acoustic guitar and banjo, but it turned out to rock pretty good :smile:

Hope you enjoy!


hey guys,you created a very nice topic, good inputs, and music/lyric ideas, real creative energy here inside lol :relaxed:
next, and that´s why answered to the post of Felix Shinoda: I see more and more believers here on the forums…that makes me feel soo


Hey guys!

Cool to see everyone busy with doing music!
I’m in a rapmetal band myself as the vocalist.
We’re heavily inspired by bands like Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Children of bodom, Hacktivist, and last but not least, Linkin Park ofcourse!

Here’s a video of us performing our own song called “Retaliation”.
The Extra vocalist on the left became our new bass player and backing vocalist.


Great up to this… how long you´re working on these performances? And the sound is really lp like but totally diverse, nice on, be proud man…:grin:


hi! First of all thanks!
We’ve been together as a band for 2 years now, it started as something simple, the guitar player and me wanted to start a nu-metal band. As soon as we gathered more members we statted to realize how diverse everyone in the band was, and we started experimenting and fleshing everything out until we really had something that came from all of us.
Our first ever EP is going to come out February next year, if you’re interested you can check us out on facebook:


hi man, nice, thanks for the infos, you got in a really creative two years as band, be proud. How is the ep going to be recorded? In a studio with profi-technique or homemade? Press the thumb, that all goes on…

congrats…and good luck on the road…nice xmas and a happy new year, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We are recording the EP in a home studio. There’s a guy we know who has all this equipment and acts as a producer for beginning, amateur and semi-pro bands. Not for free ofcourse, but the fun thing is that our bass player knows the guy for quite some time so there’s a completely down-to-earth and friendly vibe going on.

We’re almost done recording the EP tho, just one more song on vocals for me and the mixing and mastering can be started.

I’ll keep you updated if you’d like. i’m really excited about this :smiley:

and merry xmas and happy new year to you too!


Yeah,@Davey_Goud update me and at least: I´m excited ab the result, hope you present it here, if mastering is done…good luck and for sure, I´m looking fwd, mb your first paying fan?


Happy Holidays everyone!

I finished a new song which concludes the past year in about 10 minutes.
If you like to discover new sounds and enjoy handmade music, I hope you take a listen :smile:

Curious to hear what you think!


I’m a bedroom musician, producing my own music. I mainly make progressive metal, and I’m working on a metal-remix of Living Things, check it out dudes!


@Kars Interesting and surprising remix of Living Things, nice work man!

I just uploaded my newest song, called “Limitless”.
This time it’s with lyrics and vocals again, so I’m curious to hear what you all think.


thanks dude, your song is pretty awesome dude! making such good music without a lot of instruments is really hard!


Thank you, I kinda like the “less is more”.
Are you playing drums, guitar and everything on your own in the remix, or did you use some plugins and beat machines?
You can now check out my newest songs on SoundCloud too:



About a week after The Hunting Party’s release, I was asked by a fellow LP fan (over at the LPA) if I would be interested in throwing down some vocals onto one of his original tracks, which I accepted. After writing and recording something quickly, he was impressed enough to the point of asking if I’d like to team up. Once again I said yes.
Since then, we’ve worked up roughly 25 demos, and finally finished the first song we wrote as a duo. Because of the timing, its completely inspired by The Hunting Party, with that very gritty, raw and fast paced punk rock sound. The song is titled “These Days Of Yesterday”, featuring my good friend and amazing rapper, Austin Vicenty. Hope you guys enjoy it!