Any music artists/ song writers?


I am a professional Musician. I am a music director at church, play in multiple bands, and have just released my own album.

Something that would be could would be an LPU tribute band. Maybe a band that plays a lot of the songs LP doesn’t play at their live shows. Something I would want to do in the future. If anyone has any thoughts on that please chime in.

Check me out here. I play Piano, keys, sing, produce(everything Mike Shinoda does actually) lol.


That is totally awesome! I too try to sing in church with a church band. I’m just a worship leader though…
I’ve always wanted to start a LP tribute band too but I’m female and probably much older than the others so I guess I’ll just stick to singing in church :slightly_smiling: Good luck with that though!

Here’s some stuff I’ve recorded during practice with some of my church band mates. Some of it is my own material [wrote the words myself] But… it’s not professional or anything, just us practicing and recording with a crappy phone.


Yeah, I really like to know that so many musicians are around!

Keep going everyone, I’ll follow you on SoundCloud and YouTube ;D


So many talented people, it’s great indeed. Thanks for the follow on soundcloud Oli, I follow back :slightly_smiling:


Great Music! LP attracts talented fans. I like doing church music that can be listened to anywhere anytime. Thanks for listening.


same thinking here, but me, I´m only in lyrics, but I adore every person blessed with rhythm, that´s so hearable even in your music guys, and @Gatsie, your voice touches me again and again, :heart:


Wow! Thank you so much :slight_smile: LP does attract creative and talented fans yes! So many awesome musicians here :smiley:


All instruments on my albums are fully programmed, except the songs that I did with Joshua, those have real guitar and sometimes bass. So yeah I used some plugins by Kontakt 5. I did everything with free plugins, although I’m planning on buying a new guitar plugin


Those vocals are pretty great! The drum really needs some work though, the patterns sound pretty wierd and the instrument could sound a lot better… If you want I can program some drums for you that sound more realistic? I’m a drummer myself so I know what I’m doing :stuck_out_tongue:

What I also would do is add some keyboards or extra orchestration, cause the song doesn’t really go anywhere except repeating itself, which is a shame cause there are some cool ideas! All and all I like your stuff dudes, keep it up!


here´s our first single man! :smiley:


i kinda do i have a band


Wow, so far on you way, @Davey_Goud :yum::sunglasses: :joy: I have to lsten to in xactly 1 hr from now in my bathroom, that´s my “New Music” testing room, I like the accoustic there most…lol in in one hr from now Í´m inside, so give me a lil time beforefacing the thruth: My statement sure with feedback will come soon, but right now, I give my honor and congratulate you to your success, the next generation´s uprising…:.+1:


I use stagelight to make music. I’m still learning a lot of stuff, but I like to play around with creating sounds and such. All of my stuff is original, except for my Mark the Graves remix :wink:

great thread btw


hey rick you make cool music :slight_smile:


thank you man, I appreciate that! :grin:


yeah, that´s my feedback too, music seems to be your speech, your language…as musician, what do ya think about the studio process of LP? If you like to talk about jump here



Come to think of it, I really haven’t heard much in way of StageLight-crafted tracks


it definitely is, like you say. It may sound cliche, but my music is influenced by my thoughts and emotions and I try to put that in my tracks the best I can.
I’ve always liked to see the studio process of LP, it’s inspiring.


On soundcloud, you’ll find a lot of music made with stagelight. just check out the Open labs page.


My Own Fault (Full lyrics) by Ace Masters feat.Gatsie