Any music artists/ song writers?


I don’t wanna tute my horn but, yeah. I write songs/make music. I’m not entirely good at it, but I am working on my first ‘real’ album. Making music has always been a dream of mine so it’s really great to listen to my own tracks sometimes and just say “I made this. Sick.”

This is my personal SoundCloud for anyone who’s curious;


@Benjamin_Wolvenhour you´ve to edit ya post and set a spare before ya link to make it work, lol :grin:


That’s odd, I did a line break before posting. Haha.


Very nice! Sounds great!


I assume that was at me? If so, thanks! A majority of my new stuff is Rock/Metal themed. I only occasionally do EDM anymore. :wink:


good stuff!


@Benjamin_Wolvenhour Keep it up! Looking forward to your first real album;)

I just finished my newest track, if you’d like to listen:

I hope you enjoy it


That’s pretty awesome! And yeah, I pretty much do everything myself. Produce, Write, Sing/Rap, Guitar, Artwork, Website, blah blah. But, I’m glad to hear that you wanna see an album from me! I don’t exactly get any attention for my music. I’m mostly doing it for myself. So I achieve something before I die, haha. <3


go on @Benjamin_Wolvenhour if there is ya spirit in, then it goes up from a several point, but up to this “breaking point” you´ve to face, that for becomming a great musicianis it is a very very hard job to do…against all the death-bringer the tumbling-rumors, the hard and the better days, but it´s even the way that counts, not only hitting the target is important…lol and you´re on, wish ya´ll the best

for some traditional inspiration, lol :joy::grinning::sunglasses:


awesome track oli!


Thank you a lot for listening!

Keep up the good work with your music, too;)


The Living Things remix I’m working on keeps getting closer to being finalized, I finished Burn It Down and I’ll Be Gone! The two songs are up on my bandcamp and the instrumentals are there too! Burn It Down is more of a Melodic Death Metal remix (Soilwork/Enslaved style) and I’ll Be Gone is more ambient and has a post-rock kind of vibe.

Check it out here:


Cool to see, this thread is still alive and kicking

Here is my band’s first somewhat lyrics video

Maybe some day we can even put out a proper video :slight_smile:


Let the creativity flow guys !


Hey guys :slight_smile: nice to see so many musicians around!
Im currenlty reinventing myself and rewriting all my material, but the plan is that I’ll release 30 songs within the next 12.18 months :slight_smile:
I just did a One Step Closer cover yesterday;


nice screaming!


Thanks man, will have lots of those in my original stuff :slight_smile:


I subscribed to your channel, looking forward to your songs :smiley:


thanks a lot man :smiley: I’ll keep you posted! Do you have a channel?



here’s my new track: