Any music artists/ song writers?


Liked it a lot. Could be a soundtrack to something I don’t know yet what. Nice.


thank you all so much! I love this community :smile:


I write lyrics, but can’t put melody to them. My husband creates Electronic music.


So a few weeks ago I showed up on this site in the midst of a mild state of depression and announced I was going to return to music, but more seriously than before. Tonight I’ve finished my first “fully produced” song (i.e., with full instrumentation and semi-decent recording methods). It was a hell of a difficult process for me to learn how to do all the programming involved and learn how to mix about 50 tracks together, but did it to the best of my ability, and this is the result of that overall 2~3 month process. If I had the funds, I would also film a sci-fi-based music video set in space similar to LP’s Leave Out All the Rest." But I don’t. So instead you get an attempt to create lyrics floating through space in Windows Movie Maker. (It’s a secret how I made the “stars,” LOL.)

And oh yes: I’m welcoming of any and all criticism, constructive or otherwise. Destructiive criticism and general taunting of my mixing abilities are also welcome, as I’m a bit of a masochist and would thus be cool with that.


That’s quite good (better than anything I can ever hope to do). A couple of rough edges but that’s to be expected.

I liked the lyrics but I don’t think the style of vocals went too well with the instrumental, also they (the vocals) seem a tad quiet. Otherwise it’s a pretty solid song I think.


Sounds kinda… dark


Great instrumentation and atmosphere! The ending could’ve used an extra layer of sounds to make it a little more epic. Unlike @the_termin8r I think the style of the vocals fits pretty well on this song :slight_smile:

Keep up producing and you’ll get even better in time


Thank you all for the comments! Everything you guys have to say provdes me with valuable second opinions/observations.

Vocals are perhaps one of my bigger challenges. I varied the levels a lot during mixing, and in the end came up with singing that definitely doesn’t sit quite as “upfront” as most rock vocals do. I had fears of the vocals being too loud (and not being totally confident and proud of one’s singing abilities can influence that). Maybe having a slightly higher level with perhaps a little extra compression could help.

You know, I actully had a similar thought about the ending, Rick_van_Meijel. That it might not have had quite enough climactic “impact.” I was a little concerned that adding more instrumentation would sound muddy or incoherent, but there probably is some additional layer that would magically fit in.


All these talented people on here, wow :smiley:


My Mark the Graves remix hit 1000 plays!! I’m so excited haha :laughing:


Coming soon… :wink: :musical_keyboard: :pizza:


Rey’s theme is awesome.


Any Star Wars and/or John Williams fans in the house?


New electronic rock song, submitted to the Stagelight contest.

Let me know what you guys think!


I like it, it sounds like a lost track from LPU 13.


Thanks Rob!
holding company maybe?


Possibly, I haven’t listened to 13 in ages and can’t match the songs with titles :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know if I’ve ever posted this track before, but this is a hip hop song that I released in June. With this song I’m now competing in the new Open Labs contest called Stagelight Autorap competition.

Check it out and leave a vote if you enjoyed ;D


im a fakepoet… ha! :yum:


Hi guys!
I’m a musician and songwriter from Chile. I’ve written an amount of songs that are uploaded on YouTube.
Here’s a playlist with my recent work, these are singles from my album “White Wolf”.

Let me know what you think!