Any music artists/ song writers?


wow that sounded really good. You have a strong voice. Did you record all of the instruments yourself?


Hey Rick. Thanks for the comment. It is me singing, and the guitars that I recorded. Dor the bass, drums and synths I used FL Studio. Hope you like the songs from “White Wolf”!


Awesome! The drums sound like the real thing, that must be a nice vst. I like your work, I subscribed to your channel :wink:


That’s pretty good. A bit of constructive criticism I have is that on ‘Under the fire’ the mixing sounds a bit ‘off’; by that I mean that the vocals are a bit quiet for the music, but then when the upbeat part starts the opposite happens and the vocals overpower the music slightly. A bit of volume tweaking and it should be fine. Great stuff none the less :slight_smile:


LP is not releasing any music, so I decided to release something myself :smile:


My new 5-track EP, IMPURE THOUGHTS, is free to download on Bandcamp


dark sound! I’ll check it out


Covers Channel:
Own Music: (only one so far)

i really need to upload more :unamused: i’ve done a ton of Linkin Park covers but i typically just send them to friends. Cuz I’m loud in them and not ready to post them to YouTube. I sing Chester’s vocals. So it’s mostly the songs where he’s doing the singing. i want a band eventually, music and art are my life.


All of you guys are awesome! I’m not brave enough to share my music.


Aww but you should i’d like to hear it :slight_smile:


you make music too???


Yeah, when/if I’m inspired.


please share it I want to hear :smiley:


Maybe one day :slight_smile:


nice ambiance in all of your tracks. The EP has a consistent vibe which is great


New version of the track I posted a week ago. I added my own piano recording, strings, and various other elements. I hope the mixing is also better :slight_smile:


Finally posted an original song with vocals… #imshy :neutral_face:



Your sound is good. It’s a good start !
What do you think of my songs ?
Tell me if you liked !

Thanks a lot bro


Just dropped a track on Bandcamp today


Well me i write some songs and i just started to make my own music i currently started it on keyboard and now im doing it on guiyar now