Any music artists/ song writers?


Hey guys just learned from this thread. I also do music on my own as a hobby. You can check it out if you want:
Disclaimer: The recent songs are digitally composed. Everything older than “Run From Waste” (inlcuding it) is analogue/custom made. I’m happy for any kind of feedback, even if you don’t like the songs. I know sometimes I’m a little off beat so it’s okay to critique!


In honor of Chester, I made a cover of Final Masquerade with a friend. Let me know what you think.


Nice instrumentation Rick, although I don’t really like the singing. It’s hard trying to sing a Chester-song though :wink:


It was really great !! :smiley:


Thanks for giving your honest opinion. Yeah it’s not an easy song to sing, but I think RiffsatRandom gave everything he got :smiley:


Have you been working on any music lately?


Yes, check out the covers tab, I finished the Living Things remix. Also working on an instrumental LP:


that sounds amaazing! Also interesting chord progressions. Did you record those guitars yourself?


I wish to get my guitar soon so that I can learn how to play lp songs on it :confused:


Everything I make is full midi so I didn’t really record anything. All I do is write songs basically. Glad you like it though, I’ve utilized chord structures a lot more in my latest music!


wow great guitar sounds then! Maybe @Honey8 can provide us some real guitar shredding soon haha


Lol no @rickvanmeijel I dont even have guitar… I said I wanna learn. After that y’all are welcomed for any help… Currently having none of that talent. :sweat_smile: haha


thank you, it was a real pain in the ass getting them to sound this ‘good’ (I still think it sounds awful). I still want to buy a really good guitar plugin someday, but that’s really expensive and it would still sound way better if I could record real guitars.


true, the real thing always sounds better. I occasionally use the Stagelight telecaster to replicate the electric guitar sound, but it’s not the best either


I have a new EP on Bandcamp that you can download for free. :slight_smile:


Where was this thread?! I never see this. I will listen to all EPs here one day :blush:


Awesome! I’ll give it a listen

Lol this thread has been active for ages. I’ve shared my older demos many times in here


I’ll keep it on tracking so that i get a count of replies :slightly_smiling_face:


Amazing production on these tracks! They sound so clean and modern. I really liked Vacant, Rouge and Devotional! The transitions between songs are also great.

Are those remixes of your older tracks?


If you’re referring to “Atlantis” and “Sleepless”, they’re reworks of songs by Bridgit Mendler and Flume, respectively.

If you don’t mind me asking, what DAW do you use? :slightly_smiling_face: