Any Singaporean LP Soldiers out there?


I am a 15-year-old LP soldier in Singapore. Any other Singaporeans out there? I am feeling quite lonely and left out among the K-Pop fans here (quite annoying but, hey! I am quite annoying when I talk about my favourite bands).

Hey Singaporean LPUers!

HEY! im Singaporean too! And yes… TOO MANY Korean Pop fans here in Singapore…


Any other favourite bands (if you have)?


well, some are Foo Fighters, Shinedown, Alter Bridge, Girl on Fire, Refused, Sum 41, Twisted Sister, Cheap Trick, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, System of a Down and really the list just goes on and on :smiley:


OOOOH GREEN DAY AND SYSTEM OF A DOWN AND FOO FIGHTERS!!! I am a HUGE Green Day fan, too! Nirvana? Evanescence? Korn? Imagine Dragons? Slipknot? Stone Sour?


YES! I listen to all of them too! However i prefer Stone Sour most thoe :wink:


NICE! I think we should hang out…