Any Skyrim gamers here?


Hail Sithis! :stuck_out_tongue: I hope this thread is in the right place. (I’m a little unclear about what the difference is between the Back Room and the Barracks…or maybe this goes in the Games section because I’m talking about a game?? hmm :thinking: anyways haha) Is there anyone here who like the Elder Scrolls series? I really love Skyrim (Elder Scrolls 5) and was wondering if there’s any soldiers who like it as much as I do. I guess I’m just “an adventurer like you who took an arrow to the knee.” (Haha a famous quote from that game. ):stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Haven’t played in a LONG time. But I have many fond memories :slight_smile:


You know what it means, right?)))


Haha yes, I just wanted to include that famous quote. :nerd_face:


Lol. Ask me about Skyrim
Played it on a couple of PCs and Xbox , three times. Completed all the DLCs( yes, even have built these damn houses!) and all the guilds’ quests. The part I liked most is actually Dawnguard dlc


There’s a new addon called “Beyond Skyrim: Bruma”,made by enthusiasts, afaik.
The new pass opens in Jerall mounains and you can arrive to Syrodiil. Some new quests, characters and so on.


Oh… sounds pretty cool, I might check it out once I have time :slight_smile:


I only played it for a couple hours when I borrowed the game from a friend. That’s years ago, so I’m not really familiar with the game.


Here’s a cool review, encouraging to try:

And I know that I posted it in the “Playing with the drawing tools” but I’ll put this fan art here as well:


This looks cool! I’ll have to try it out! :sunglasses:


haha my computer is so ancient, it can run Skyrim on high settings, but I doubt it could support the demands of a more recent game. Due to all the re-releases of this game (on Switch and Skyrim VR for PS4), I’d forgotten the original game came out several years ago! :sweat_smile:


Wow sounds like you put a lot of hours into Skyrim! :sunglasses:I tried to complete all the quests, but some glitches prevented me from doing them all. :disappointed: I was kinda hopeful that with the re-releases of the game on PS4 and such, that some of those bugs would be fixed…but it looks like they’re here to stay. haha Still, it’s an awesome game - love getting lost in that world and trying not to fall of a mountain! :laughing: :blush:


Wait till it releases for your clothes iron. Seriously, the game is pretty old and they keep re-releasing it? I get it because they’ve shitted themselves with Fallout and now they won’t do the newer stuff but still