any1 who has downloaded live shows plez help!


I want 2 download the show from the woodlands it was my long awaited 1st LP show but im nervous that i will pay for nothing i dont want 2 download and my computer crash r something go wrong,does it take long 2 completly downlaod? can i see it on any computer as long as log in? can i download it 2 a dvd/cd mp3? i really want to download the music to a dvd/ipod HELP ME PLEZ ITS MY 1ST TIME DOING THIS


‘‘I want to download the show from the Woodlands. It was my long awaited first LP show, but I’m nervous that I’ll pay nothing. I don’t want to download it while my computer could crash at any time. Is it long to completely download the files? Can I see it on any computer as long as I log in? Can I download it to a DVD, CD or MP3? I really want to download the music to a DVD or an iPod.’’

Maybe I can help you.

Basically, when you download a show, you ‘‘unlock’’ it. That means that you’ll have the file available on the LPU store anywhere. I don’t know if you’ll be able to download it more than once, but it’s possible that you’ll get infinite download.

After you download the file, you’ll have all the songs in MP3 format. That means, you can put it directly on an iPod, or put it anywhere you want (CD, DVD, USB Drive, Memstick, Diskette, name it!). The MP3 songs will be stored in your computer where you saved them, so use it the way you want.

Normally, it’s not that long to download the show, but it all depends on your internet connection.

If you want to know more, glad to help! :slight_smile: