Anyone else bought LPU Plus Pass and having issues?


This is getting really annoying now…

Bought my LPU Plus pass for $240 and was told ticket comes with the Summit pass, then later found out you have to go onto LPU to redeem the pass.

Fine, I waited, and did not get the membership email until 24/01. By then, I tried to redeem the ticket and it wouldn’t allow me to, I contacted Ticketmaster, they told me they have nothing to do with it (even though I bought ticket from them!!). Then I contacted the promoter numerous times, no response what so ever. Guess what happened next, all the tickets were gone!!

Now the concert is less than 48 hours, I still haven’t got any of the promotional materials Ticketmaster advertised, and without the laminated pass, I can’t even go to the pre-show tour!!

If you have a similar experience, get in touch with me. I am going to let the media know how dis-organised this whole event is, and how useless all the people involved are. Commerce Commission is definitely going to receive a formal complaint on Ticketmaster and all the other culprits very soon.



I agree with you

It’s not really clear about the details that we should have redeem the tickets here
in the first place. I was already looking forward on going and now my hopes are gone.

Now I tried to email them and feeling that they wouldn’t bother to reply since you said that you already contacted the promoter a lot of times and no response from them

Now I don’t know if I will still be able to go or not