Anyone else here going to the Charlotte, NC concert?


I’m just got my tickets for the NC Concert - I got the GA “Pit” tickets, but I’ve never been in the Pit part before…was wondering if anyone had any tips.


If its at Verizon Amp its a small pit area…shouldn’t have any issues


It’s at the PNC Music Pavilion…is that the same place?? I do most of my concerts in Raleigh!


Yes same venue


I also got pit tickets! Haven’t been in the pit since warped tour as a teenager, so this will be interesting for such a big show haha


Yea I have had floor tickets when I was young…things change when you get older lol…you get them in Charlotte?


Yup, did you go in Charlotte in 2014? The band didn’t seem into it like usual, hopefully they pick up the energy this time


I’m going can’t wait


Aye I’m going to be there too
My first linkin park concert :clap:t3::clap:t3:


No this will be my first LP concert…I don’t know why cause I’ve been a fan since they came out…just never saw them live…I’m hoping it’s gonna be a great show! See you there lol


I can’t wait either!


Tho I’ve been a fan for years…this is also my first LP concert!


I got pit tickets what about you guys?


I got pit tickets too…I wanted to be in the “middle” of everything…I just hope it doesn’t get to crazy down there LOL


Ima try to get there early to be in the very front


Yes that was what I was thinking too…I don’t want to be where I can’t see…someone on here said that the pit area isn’t too big so I guess that’s a good thing…I hope they don’t over sale down there and it’s too crowded…but either way, it’s gonna be great!


I know I can’t wait


i got lawn tickets bc my 8 yo is coming with us…Its his fav group. So I didn’t want to get tickets close bc his ears or if it gets crazy.


Me! Can’t freaking wait!