Anyone from Italy?


I’ve seen that some people is asking if there is anyone from UK, NZ so now i’m wondering this too: is there anyone from Italy? I think i didn’t see Italian fans yet but me, i feeling alone! :frowning: xD


I’m from sudan but I live in Italy/trieste, this might help a little :slight_smile: from which region u r!


Wow that’s cool! I live in Naples, in the south :slight_smile: i thought i was the only person who live in Italy that has already joined the Underground! xD




Ciao Lorenzo! [biggrin] From which region are you? :slight_smile:


hi! :slight_smile: I’m from Ravenna!!!


Hi Barbara! Nice to meet you :slight_smile: have you been to the concert in Italy? :smiley:


Yes! I was there! . Also at M&G


Lucky girl! :smiley:
I’ve been to the concert too, but i wasn’t picked to the M&G cause i won the one in Frankfurt in november (even though i hadn’t gone there ç.ç)
Buuut, i went to the Summit in Hamburg 5 days before the festival :smiley:


Presente :slight_smile: I’m from Verona… :slight_smile:


Ciao Filippo! :smiley: Seems like we’re a minority here xD do you know if any other Italian has joined the Underground? :slight_smile:


I am from Lombardia and lived in Puglia.


Ciao bella gente! XD Hi everybody, I’m from Milan! :slight_smile:


Io sono della provincia di Napoli, ma di concerti non ne ho visti ancora… credo che ne approfitterò e andrò in america per una vacanza LP xD


Eccomiiiiiiii from Turin with love :slight_smile:


Da Imola!!! [biggrin]


Ciao! :slight_smile: I’m a new member, only from yesterday… I’m from Trieste!


Yes I’m from Italy!!! :slight_smile:


Sono italiano anche io :smiley: abito vicino Caserta (Y)