Anyone from philippines here?!



Hey there I’m not from the Philippines but I’m Filipino welcome to lpu


Awesome! Hello there Anne :slight_smile:


Hello there


What part of the Philippines you from


Im from Cavite near Manila City :slight_smile:


That’s cool my family is from manila


I never been to the Philippines before we might go next year


That’s great! You will love it.
You really a fan of Linkin Park huh.


Yeah I love them ever since hybrid theory how bout you how long have you been a fan?


Its like 5 years… but i think it will be forever … :smile:


Did you go to their concert yet? did you get to go to the meet and greet did you meet them yet?


Not yet :frowning:


My last concert Was 2003 I meet them once they don’t go to San Francisco anymore after that


Awesome! By the way, how old are you?


I’m 31 how old are you your a youngster I bet lol


Yeah haha I’m only 19


That’s so young lol I remember when I was 19 your not even 21 yet lol have you been clubbing in the Philippines yet?


Nah, I’m too busy for my work :slight_smile:


I heard the club’s there are pretty fun you should try it with your friends someday lol