Anyone going to the Birmingham concert?


buying tickets for the Birmingham show! Anyone else goingg??


Yes! Very excited :smiley:


Sweeet! which tickets did you get?


Standing tickets, one for me and one for a friend! I must have been one of the first people to buy tickets because I was refreshing the page like mad on release day haha! Never been to a concert, this is my first! Will be the highlight of my year for sure :smiley: How about you nikkikiikke , so many k’s!


Oh sweeeet! Yeah i’m looking to buy the standing tickets too. I really wanted to buy them pre sale but i wasn’t sure if i was gonna be in the country. I’ve seen LP twice before and it has been the best nights of my life, im so so excited to see them again! Did you get a standard standing or the Premium package with general admission standing. I’m trying to figure out if there’s any difference between the two apart from the scarf and pin and stuff. If there’s no early entry im not sure the premium package is worth it. What did you get??


That’s cool. I got the standing standard ticket off Ticketmaster (£65) so i’ll try get there 2 hours in advance. Not sure about the premium stuff sorry :smiley: Is there still standing available?


Premium Ticket Package – £149
• One premium reserved ticket in the first 15 rows OR general admission pit
• Designated venue check-in
• One limited edition Linkin Park soccer scarf
• One limited edition tour enamel pin
• On-site event

This is from the ticketmaster website :slight_smile: hope it helps you!


Yeah cheers i saw that! Not sure if its worth it if its no early entry! might just get the standard tickets and sign up for m&g when its released and pray to god i get a spot haha!. and yeah they are still selling :slight_smile: contemplating going for the london show too actually! Just waiting to see if they’re gonna have a second show, fingers crossed they do!


I wish you the best of luck! Which country are you travelling from?


Oh i wont be travelling! I’m an internation student but i study at the University of Birmingham study Just wasn’t sure if my elective was gonna be allocated to me in july or august! Luckily im here in july!
I was thinking it maybe fun to meet up with a bunch of LPUers before the show go together! would be fun to meet other fans! I may post in the combined UK thread, what do you think??


Ah UoB is great you’ll have a lovely time! My high school, that I went to, is literally opposite so I know it well. Try not to go to the subway their everyday :stuck_out_tongue: The meet up sounds great, I’d be up for that. Its great to share a serious interest with like-minded people.


Haha I know that school! I walked past it everyday in my first year. Loool trust me after 3 years at UoB pretty much done with subway. I’m in London for a year ATM but will be back in good old Selly oak for another 2 years starting June. Definitely do not miss Selly haha :joy:


Yeah luckily I don’t live in Selly Oak :joy: you walked passed my school everyday while I was in my last year…thats scary :joy: The uni is pretty much central so it’ll be super quick to get to the arena in July :slight_smile:


I’m going to Brixton, Birmingham and Manchester :slight_smile:


Just bought my tickets for Brixton as well! omg so excited!


My ticket arrived today. So excited!


I ended up with a single spare seated ticket for the Birmingham show… Anyone interested in it for face value