Anyone going to Vegas to see Mike in October?


Yep! Can we not DM on LPU anymore? I will send you my info, if we can…


That’s why i asked for your info.


Haha…I didn’t want to post it here…I wanted to DM it to you.


Do you know how to do that?


I’m gonna go to the Vegas show to see Mike as well.


I’m back! I can’t figure out how to DM…I think they killed that feature. Wanna send me your FB name?


Nice! Feel free to hang out in line with us!


I’ll try to be there before 5pm. My wife and I are both glad to see Mike perform. It’s gonna be awesome. Please save us a spot if you can.


We shall do it! I can hardly wait…


Thank you, my wife and I are super excited!!! It looks like it’s going to be an amazing experience!!!


Yeah, I for sure wouldn’t miss this. I saw him at LoveLoud back in July and that was great but I’m really looking forward to the bigger set and smaller venue.


I just realized who you are in that LP Vegas thread on FB and sent you a friend request!