Anyone interested in a signed Hybrid Theory EP?


If so, then please send me a message and I can then send you pictures and everything else you need to know.

Thanks everyone!



Why do you want to get rid of it? Legit ones are really rare.


It’s probably important to note if it’s an original or LPU1 reissue


Hi! I might be interested … buuut i have the same question as the guy above, Is this the real 1 of the 1000 issue? or is this RE-issue of 2001?

Apparently LPU still haven’t figured out messaging part yet lol So here’s my FB page Hit me up with some pictures or something … Have a great day!


Hi everyone, sorry for the delay. This is a REISSUE of the HT EP.

If you have anymore questions then please e-mail me at



I know I’m late but is it a album.


No, it’s part stone tablet inscribed with the 10 commandments of LP and part vinyl record in the unconventional size of 5 microns.


Oh I did know that but thanks for telling me.

@the_termin8r do you if he sell it to anyone .



What? I just want to know that it.


Read my initial reply and give even the slightest of attempts in understanding it.

But in answer to the second part of your post: I have no clue.


@the_termin8r I understand what you said in that face palm comment.

I said I just want to know if he sell I to anyone. If you did not understand.


Not that one, the one before.

I just gave you an answer:


I think this is the one that your talking right. i’m talking about my comment.


Yes, we’re talking about the same 2 comments, but I’m facepalming at the top part of your comment, now try to figure out why (consult my comment to find enlightenment).


Yeah, I think I know what your talking about now lol.


Ok, so what is it?


I think when I said, “do you if he sell it to anyone”. Yeah I think that’s the problem. Lol I should have read it back. Sorry I am bad at typing. Sorry @the_termin8r


Look, I’m running out of suitably big facepalm memes ok; read again.


Just tell me.